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Commits on Nov 5, 2011
  1. @marcbaechinger
  2. @marcbaechinger
  3. @kylemorton

    Added a simple utility to attach events to raise when start,end,_setu…

    kylemorton authored
    …p,_teardown are called on a plugin
    If the core had events like this it would be possible to develop an
    observer model to control rendering and plugin evocation. This is
    particularly useful when deploying popcorn at scale when you don't know
    what plugins may fire for any given video.
Commits on Nov 2, 2011
  1. @cadecairos

    Popcorn.js v1.0

    cadecairos authored
  2. @cadecairos
  3. @cadecairos
  4. @stevenaw

    [#819] Missed one change

    stevenaw authored
  5. @stevenaw
  6. @jbuck
Commits on Nov 1, 2011
  1. @cadecairos
  2. @cadecairos
  3. @cadecairos
  4. @cadecairos
  5. @cadecairos

    Fixed twitter demo [#811]

    cadecairos authored
  6. @cadecairos

    Fixed semantic demo [#810]

    cadecairos authored
  7. @ScottDowne
  8. @cadecairos
  9. @ScottDowne

    [#810] fix semantic demo

    ScottDowne authored
  10. @cadecairos
  11. @ScottDowne
  12. @cadecairos

    Fix linting error[#809]

    cadecairos authored
  13. @cadecairos

    Implements a common function across frame an…

    cadecairos authored
    …imating and non-frame animating Popcorn instances [#807]
  14. @cadecairos
  15. @cadecairos
  16. @cadecairos
  17. @cadecairos
  18. @rwaldron

    [#807] tabs => spaces

    rwaldron authored
  19. @rwaldron
  20. @rwaldron
  21. @rwaldron
  22. @dseif

    Fixed some styling issues

    dseif authored
  23. @rwaldron
  24. @rwaldron

    Merge branch 'develop' of git:// into…

    rwaldron authored
    … 1.0
    * 'develop' of git:// (28 commits)
      Fixed my fail when I merged #776 [#802]
      Seek to end of video before testing Compose to make independent
      [#792] fixed twitter tests running in opera
      [#704] grammar fix in comment. Sorry, no tests for the grammar fix.
      fixed never ending frame animation looping after an instance is destroyed [#800]
      Fixed leaking exec calls in Index Integrity tests [#800]
      added tests for triggered events
      Adde functionality to remove a plugins manifest when removePlugin is called. Also added supporting tests
      [#793] webpage plugin no longer needs http://
      [#792] twitter has plain text search now, and tests
      [704] updated comment to be more accurate
      [#704] teardown calls end before calling teardown
      [t534] Better documentation
      [#543] null fix
      [#795] youtube now fires a canplaythrough event
      [#791] default empty subtitle is now empty string
      Moved 'refresh' into a private function so it's no longer exposed on the global Popcorn object
      triggers canplaythrough
      added 7 flashvar parameters available as options
      [#543] Function inlining
  25. @dseif

    Fixed styling issues

    dseif authored
  26. @cadecairos
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