Android App for the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)
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🌍 Full IPFS node for Android 🌍

more screenshots on Google Play

What is IPFS? 🌌

The InterPlanetary File System "is a peer-to-peer (p2p) filesharing system that aims to fundamentally change the way information is distributed across & beyond the globe. IPFS consists of several innovations in communication protocols and distributed systems that have been combined to produce a file system like no other."

"It attempts to address the deficiencies of the client-server model and HTTP web through a novel p2p file sharing system."


Official website of IPFS:

Sweet IPFS is an Android app that aims to fully run and manage an IPFS node from your phone.

It is forked from IPFSDroid, which was experimental. This app is currently in beta stage, not all features are implemented, but the most important is. Feel free to test it and review it. If you find a bug or have problems with this app, you can contact me with the email provided on the Google Play page.

Sweet IPFS targets end-users and developers in order to make IPFS (and decentralization) an everyday standard. Its main goal is to be used as a file sharing app. For that, it provides a file chooser, QR codes, and a browser. To go even faster, you can upload a file or a text directly from any app by simply sharing it and choosing Sweet IPFS.

At the current point, battery and network usage depends a lot on your phone and your Android version, and may be high. I am working on this in order to provide the best experience and an everyday usage.

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Minimum Android version: 4.4 (KitKat) (API 19)

Final Features (not 100% implemented)

  • It can start a new IPFS node or connect to an already running IPFS node
  • You can use multiple IPFS repositories and manage them without actually start them
  • It supports all IPFS actions with Command-Line or Graphical interfaces
  • You can modify your node configuration
  • You can create scripts and tasks in Kotlin
  • You can manage keys and pins
  • It generates QR codes
  • It has a Clear & Minimalist design


  • It is fully written in Kotlin
  • It is a fork of IPFSDroid by ligi
  • It uses go-ipfs (updated regularly) for the daemon and the command-line interface
  • It uses the java-ipfs-api (not the kotlin-ipfs-api used by IPFSDroid) for other actions
  • It targets Android KitKat (4.4) (API 19)
  • The IPFS logo belongs to IPFS, I just used it

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