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How To Use

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#Installation To install this script, there really are just two ways you can go about it. ##Use any of the files in the folder that the script is in: Create a folder on your ADFS server, put this script in there along with any images that you want to use. ##Themed Folders: is an extension on the last method. You create the base folder with the base images in there as you did with the first way, then you create additional folders that have a theme to them, so for example if you want to run Christmas themed images around Christmas you might create a folder called 'Christmas' and put those Christmas themed images in there.

#Configuration All configuration elements are at the top of the script.

##Parameters ###Include This parameter is optional and is used to filter out the files that are returned by the script. If you only want to use .png files for example, you could put .png in there. If you wanted to put JPG and PNG files in there but not GIF files then you could use ".png","*.JPG"

###CSVFile This is an optional parameter. If you specify a CSV File then the script will try and find it and use it. If it cannot find the file or the file has no folders for today, then the script will look in the base folder and use one of the images from there. The default value for this parameter is ".\Folders.csv"

###FilePathSuffix This parameter should always have "*" as the value unless you really need to change it.

##Not Using a CSV File(default): The script will try and load the specified CSV file. If it fails to find the file, or the file was not specified, it will just use its default behavior which is to look for images according to the FilePathSuffix and Include parameters in the running directory of the script.

##Using a CSV File(Themed Folders): The CSV File can be used to specify folders where you might have themed backgrounds. For example: if you have Christmas themed backgrounds and want to show them between Nov and Dec and Easter themed backgrounds or, day, what ever. You can specify as many folders as you like, you can even specify folders that have overlapping date ranges. If you do have folders that overlap, one folder is chosen at random.

The CSV File should have the following headers:


The "Note" is not actually used by the script, but it is handy to have in there so that you can remember what that folder was for.

###Dates Dates should be specified in the following way: dd-MM-yyyy or just MM-dd which will impose the current year on the format meaning that it will work every year for that day and month. You can mix and match, put a StartDate as dd-MM-yyyy and an EndDate as MM-dd and it will work fine.

#Comments: If this wiki was too hard to follow, or you have some suggestions to improve it, don't be afraid to raise an issue. Same goes with bugs and if you feel like it could be improved feel free to branch and send a pull with your changes.