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Board: Zolertia remote

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The RE-Mote has three versions, a first prototype A (remote-pa) only distributed to beta testers, its following revision A (remote-reva), and the latest revision B (remote-revb) which are commercially available. The following section focuses on the revision A.

The official RE-Mote wiki page is maintained by Zolertia at:


MCU CC2538 (ARM Cortex-M3 with on-board 2.4GHz radio)
Radio Two radio interfaces (IEEE 802.15.4): 2.4GHz and 863-950MHz
RP-SMA connector for external antenna (with a RF switch to select either 2.4GHz/Sub-GHz radio)
USB-to-Serial CP2104
Peripherals RTCC, built-in battery charger for LiPo batteries, External WDT (optional), Micro-SD
Others RGB LED, power management block (150nA when the mote is shutdown)

Porting status

In terms of hardware support, the following drivers have been implemented:

  • CC2538 System-on-Chip:
  • UART
  • Random number generator
  • Low Power Modes
  • General-Purpose Timers
  • I2C/SPI library
  • LEDs
  • Buttons
  • RF 2.4GHz built-in in CC2538
  • RF switch to programatically drive either 2.4GHz or sub-1GHz to a single RP-SMA

And under work or pending at cc2538 base cpu:

  • Built-in core temperature and battery sensor.
  • CC1200 sub-1GHz radio interface.
  • Micro-SD external storage.
  • ADC
  • USB (in CDC-ACM).
  • uDMA Controller.




The RE-Mote has built-in support to flash over USB using the BSL. Previous versions required to unlock the bootloader by manually pressing the user button and reset button, but the current version handles the sequence with an on-board PIC, so automatically unlocks the bootloader upon flashing.


$ make BOARD=remote-reva flash

The RE-Mote in its current Revision A has the following pin-out:

RE-Mote pin-out (front) RE-Mote pin-out (back)

Pin out and connectors

RE-Mote ports and connectors

RE-Mote on-board connectors pin-out

The RE-Mote uses the Molex 5-pin WM4903-ND male header connector to connect digital sensors based on I2C and SPI protocols, as well as other sensors or actuators you may need to connect. The pins are 2.54 mm spaced and the connector has the following pin-out:

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