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Board: nRF51 DK (PCA10028)

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Current status:

This board is not supported. For more information see


The nRF51422 is a multi-protocol SoC ideally suited for Bluetooth® low energy and 2.4GHz ultra low-power wireless applications from Nordic Semiconductor. The nRF51422 is built around a 32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU with 256kB flash + 32kB RAM. The embedded 2.4GHz transceiver supports Bluetooth low energy as well as 2.4GHz operation. The kit is hardware compatible with the Arduino Uno Revision 3 standard, making it possible to use 3rd-party shields that are compatible to this standard with the kit


Nordic Semiconductor nRF51 DK

Family ARM Cortex-M0
Vendor Nordic Semiconductor
RAM 32Kb
Flash 256Kb
Frequency 16MHz
FPU no
Timers 3 (2x 16-bit, 1x 32-bit [TIMER0])
ADCs 1x 10-bit (8 channels)
SPIs 2
I2Cs 2
Radio 2.4GHz BLE compatiple, +4dBm to -20 dBm output, -93 dBm RX sensitivity
Vcc 1.8V - 3.6V
Datasheet Datasheet
Reference Manual Reference Manual

Nordic Semiconductor nRF51 DK Pin layout

Flashing the Device:

The nRF51 DK board is shipped with an on-board JLink debugger. Under Linux, the easiest way flashing the nRF51 DK is using the JLink tool from Segger.

You could need to revert the board firmware to the JLink firmware.

To interact with the board just start the tool using the following command: # JLinkExe -device nrf51822

For RIOT itself there is a Flash-Script available. When using any of the Examples type in the following command: # Make -B clean flash

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