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CI: how to add boards to build cluster

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(DRAFT, incomplete)

This page is intended to document how to add physical nodes so RIOT's CI (Murdock) can automatically run tests on it.


  • for performance and redundancy, at least two nodes of one type should be permanently configured
  • for simplicitly, this guide assumes one RasPi per physical node


The basic outline is:

  • send an ssh public key (gpg signed) to, requesting murdock cluster access. (All maintainers are supposed to get that eventually, but docs are too bad and it is possibly to break the cluster, so only selected people actually do have access)

  • add a RasPi to the pifleet

  • on the Pi, install everything necessary to flash & test for a specific target board. The easiest is usually to clone RIOT and compile & flash once, locally, but installing any tools (e.g., edbg) system-wide

  • configure the Pi as murdock worker. That's partly done using the salt installation on pifleet, you could just give me a hint and I'd add the node. Steps to be done on the node are listed here.

At that point, there should be a murdock user automatically provisioned on the node. Become that user and make sure it has all the rights and tools to flash-only a node.

  • manually test using TEST_QUEUE=<node-name> BOARD=<board> make test-murdock
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