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This page is an introduction to RIOT's CoAP support. RIOT includes two native implementations as well as packages for other libraries.


nanocoap has a more granular, flexible, and lower level API. Messages are processed synchronously. A CoAP client sends and receives messages in the calling application thread, or a CoAP server runs in a dedicated application thread.

nanocoap is well suited for devices with less resources, or for dedicated client or server applications.


gcoap has a simpler, higher level API, and reuses nanocoap's functions internally when possible. gcoap runs in its own thread, and messages are processed asynchronously. A CoAP client sends messages from the calling application thread, but responses are received via a callback from the gcoap thread. The gcoap thread also acts as a CoAP server that executes callbacks for application defined resources.

gcoap is well suited as a hub for more extensive message processing, or just as a simple API if resource use is not a primary concern.

Other Packages

RIOT provides packages for the libcoap and microcoap libraries.

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