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Example Applications

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RIOT provides a couple of a example applications to demonstrate some important features and functionalities of the operating system. These examples can be found in the example directory in RIOT's root directory. More application can be found in an external repository at These applications are not maintained as part of the main repository and might not work on all supported boards at all time.

The following gives a short overview about the example applications. More detailed information can be found in the README files inside the corresponding example application directory.


This application shows how you can run Arduino sketches on top or RIOT.


Demonstrates some basic features like the shell, reading sensors, or sending packets directly over the link layer. The scope of this application varies between different boards.


A CoAP client and server implementation for RIOT's GNRC networking stack that provides a single access point for CoAP messaging. It uses nanocoap for base CoAP structs and functionality. Also see the microcoap_server example below.


This example provides 6LoWPAN border router on any node that is equipped with an additional IPv6 capable network interface or a second serial port.


For experimenting with the GNRC IPv6/6LoWPAN network stack. Per default this example acts as a router and allows for setting static routes as well as using RPL.


Guess what!


For demonstrating RIOT's IPC capabilities.


gnrc + conn + microcoap based CoAP server example.


Using the well-known POSIX (BSD) sockets in RIOT.


How to write an C++ application in RIOT.


Demonstrates how to configure a periodic wakeup event using the xtimer.

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