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Family: ATmega

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Atmel AVR Toolchain

For platforms based on the AVR architecture from Atmel we recommend the current version (3.4.x) of the Atmel AVR Toolchain from Atmel. Download them from here.

Custom Toolchain via crossdev (Gentoo only)

For people using Gentoo Linux or a Linux distribution derived from Gentoo it's easys to create a custom toolchain via [crossdev] ( In this case a newly compiled toolchain can be created by running:

crossdev -S -t avr

With the -S switch only stable versions will be installed - leave it out to get an unstable version.

Data Type Sizes

sizeof(short): 2
sizeof(int): 2
sizeof(long): 4
sizeof(long long): 8
sizeof(float): 4
sizeof(double): 4
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