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GSOC Student Application Template

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About You (Identity Information)



GitHub ID:




IM contact info:

Skype ID:


If any, indicate a contact faculty staff who supervises you locally

Patch Requirement

Pick an issue in the RIOT issue tracker (we suggest to look first at issues tagged "Newbie-Task-Candidate") and provide a Pull Request (PR) proposing a fix for that issue. Indicate your PR number here.

Background & Education

Indicate information including completed diplomas and relevant courses, as well as the current diploma(s) and curriculum you are currently pursuing.

Work Experience

Experience with RIOT

Open-source experience

Among other information, also indicate if you participated in previous GSOC events.

Research experience

Why you?

Highlight the reasons why you think your profile fits this project particularly well.

About The Project

Project Title and Abstract

Come up with your own project idea, or get inspired by one of the ideas we suggest.


Propose a practical break-down of your task into incremental sub-tasks.


Define the deliverables as precisely as possible.

Schedule & Plan

The recommended granularity of the schedule is the weekly basis. The architectural part of the plan for the application should be at a granularity, that allows for good planning of the project, but don't go into too much detail. Indicate also how many hours you will you dedicate to GSOC, per week.

Final Goal & Outcome

The most important goal for the end of the project is that the resulting implementation can be used and potentially continued by any other RIOT developer. The structure and architecture of the implementation has to be clear and well documented. For projects dealing with network protocols and specifications, interoperability are vital.

Other Commitments during the Project

Indicate concurrent activities (e.g. job, course) that you are committed to during the time of GSOC 2015.

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