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Hackathon in Paris May 22 25, 2018

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Hackathon RIOT@Paris

The goal of this wiki page is to prepare the upcoming hackathon in Paris.

This hackathon targets primarily local RIOTers (but is not limited to locals!). This hackathon is meant as an occasion to meet one another, and to work together sprint-style on RIOT, during a few days in a row.


The hackathon will take place at Inria Paris research center in meeting Rooms Gilles Kahn 1 and Gilles Kahn 2.

Important note: you must present yourself at the reception with an identity card, so don't forget to bring one.

The hackathon days will start at regular work hours: you can arrive at 8.30am and leave at 7.30pm (yes, we will work hard !).


How to use this wiki page ?

  1. Put your name in the people section of this page,
  2. If applicable, list some hardware that you could bring or that you will need
  3. If you plan to work on a certain topic, please add it in the topics section or add your name in the 'Participants' if the topic is already listed

People on-site

  • Alexandre Abadie (Inria): can bring a bunch of STM32 Nucleo, I2C sensors, LSN05, LoRa gateway, etc.
  • Dylan Laduranty (Mesotic): can bring 2 SAML21-XPRO, I2C sensors, one STM32L4 and STM32F429-DISCO, SX1272 modules, GSM shield, NRF52DK...
  • Loïc Dauphin (Inria)
  • Arnaud Samama (Thalès)
  • Clement Souyri (Thalès)
  • Emmanuel Baccelli (Inria)
  • Raul Fuentes (Inria): A couple of SAMR21-XPRO boards
  • Cédric Adjih (Inria)
  • Hauke Petersen (Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Andrzej Kaczmarek (CodeCoup)
  • Vincent Dupont (OTA keys)
  • Laurent Navet: can bring a couple of atmega328p based arduino boards.
  • Parikshit Hegde (Nokia)
  • Akshit Kumar (Nokia)
  • Oumaima Attia (TSP): NDN

Remote participation:

  • Francisco Acosta (Inria)


Here a list a proposed topics that people can work on during the Hackathon:

  1. I2C refactoring
  • Goal: finalize the I2C refactoring initiated some times ago
  • Contact: Dylan Laduranty
  • Participants: Alexandre Abadie, Laurent Navet
  1. USB device
  • Goal: Having serial over USB, which will be useful with some boards using a preflashed bootloader (Arduino MKRs, Sodaq ExpLoRer, etc)
  • Contact: Loïc Dauphin
  • Participants: A. Abadie, F. Acosta
  1. OpenWSN integration
  • Goal: Finalize the OpenWSN integration started in #8570. EVA research team and Tengfei are working at Inria Paris research center
  • Contact: To be defined
  • Participants:
  1. LoRaWAN improvements
  • Goal: Provide and adaption to netif, fix timing issues
  • Contact: A. Abadie
  • Participants
  1. Add new hardware support, drivers
  • Hardware in scope: LoRa sensor Node, STM32 LPUART, (list to complete)
  • Contact: A. Abadie
  • Participants
  1. Porting Apache NimBLE to RIOT
  • Goal: Get the Apache NimBLE Bluetooth Low Energy stack running in RIOT (as a package)
  • Contact: H. Petersen
  • Paricipants: A. Kaczmarek
  1. Secure socks/coap using DTLS
  • Goal: Finalize use of DTLS with sock and add CoAPs to RIOT
  • Contact: R. Fuentes
  1. Add modem support
  • Goal: Add basic modem support to RIOT
  • Contact: V. Dupont
  1. Improve Atmega boards support
  • Goal: Fix some remaining bugs, help merge PR, improvements
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