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Minutes from the RIOT meeting @ IETF 87

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Participants: Oleg, Cedric, Martin, Manu, Kaspar, Ludwig, Christian

  1. Devel Procedures:
  • be less specific, use good judgement on commit rules
  • otherwise fine (oleg)
  • no defined release cycle, just set milestones and release when finished
  • create stable/devel branch on first release
  • Tim Scheuermann wants to work on RIOT
  1. Native Port
  • native port networking more or less working. Stable for christian, one segfault bug for ludwig
  • random delay on reception side for oleg, some packets lost
  • agreed to merge into master (ludwig)
  • manu suggests to get riot native port to the juniper guy, kaspar suggests to wait for the release, manu agrees, everyone else enjoys the right of being silent
  • native port networking uses cc1100 emulation, do we need support for others?
  • ludwig says yes to olegs question
  • cc24xx makes no sense to emulate because of it's full mac design
  • only one transceiver per type in one riot instance, ludwig creates issue
  1. Release Planning
  • remove unmaintained features from master (tracelog syslog logs micro mesh) (oleg)
  • think about unified logging (christian creates issue)
  1. toolchain
  • econotag has no XIP rom, needs to copy everything to ram
  • no "toolchain per platform"
  • kaspar creates and maintains toolchain building scripts
  • need automatic testing and continuous integration
  • we want cc to react to github pull requests, check coding conventions
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