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RIOT's new test system

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This page acts as a hub for all wiki pages which are related to the new proposed test system for RIOT.


Will there be any changes to the unit test system?

No. Therefore, we highly encourage you to write unit tests according to this howto.

What will change for me as a developer?

  • The new system will introduce means to test code which is currently only tested manually.
  • You will be able to test hardware dependent code in our distributed test system.
  • Hopefully, it will also be a system that performs faster by allowing developers/reviewers to selectively run tests which are most relevant for the code change (e.g.: a comment change doesn't require build tests and a change to an application doesn't require driver tests etc.)

#Meeting minutes

#TODO list

  • Architecture -> in detail description of components missing; add testbed based protocol tests to overview
  • Test coverage matrix -> sys modules missing
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