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Release: 2014.12

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This page is supposed to streamline the next RIOT release.

Release Plan

Milestone for having all PRs merged: December 1, 2014

Aimed release date: Christmas 2014

Issue Tracker

Release 2014.12

Planned Features

Feature Details Assigned to Status
Network Stack
new link layer and driver interface Kévin and Martine merged #1494
porting cc2420 to new interface Kévin under review #1733
porting cc110x to new interface Fabian Nack merged #1772
porting at86rf231 to new interface Thomas E. merged 1846
fix ND and Border Router POSTPONE due to dependency on IPv6 refactor; related (for one-transceiver boards): #1454 Martine not yet started
decouple IPv6 and 6LoWPAN POSTPONE (Review getting done until Christmas not realistic) Martine under review #1680
in progress #2003
RPL restructuring #1080, #1167 Fabian B. partly done
RPL non-storing #1404 Fabian B. merged
AODVv2 #1767 Lotte merged
OLSRv2 #765 Ben under review
Transport Layer refactoring splitting UDP/TCP Cenk merged #1508
fix TCP Cenk done(?)
JSON as UBJSON René under review #1659
as CBOR Kevin merged #1415
plain JSON - skip for this release
HTTP at least GET and POST, PUT, DELETE (for MQTT interoperability) Christian skip for this release
OpenWSN update to new version Thomas doing
Hardware support
IoT-Lab_M3 support fix vtimer Thomas merged #1756
address open issues Thomas done
advanced radio driver Thomas done
sensor support Hauke, Thomas done
agilefox full support Thomas done
nucleo-l1 MCU and peripherals support Thomas under review #2026
samr21-xpro initial import Thomas merged #1701
SPI @Troels51 under review #1997
I2C @bapclenet under review #2016
transceiver @Troels under review #1997
hwtimer @Troels under review [#1998](
cpuid @Troels __under review #2052
Ellduino POSTPONE? ell-i in progress/stalled #1740
more MCU support complete support for boards from each main ARM vendor in progress
Freescale ARM Thomas skip for this release
Nordic Hauke done
TI Tiva TM4C123GLX ARM Cortex-M4F Benjamin stalled #1787
additional radio drivers XBee Kévin under review #1463
at86rf2xx Thomas todo
nRF24I01 Peter merged #1704, stalled #1808
power management for STM32F4 and Arduino Hauke skip for this release
cppcheck in CI Hinnerk and Ludwig in progress
Unittests core Martine done
CBOR Kevin done
rest of the system ? skip for this release
integrate some existing tests into unittests Philipp #1131
Network testing automation RPL-UDP in desvirt Oleg in progress
IoT-Lab UDP one-hop example Oleg create into applications repo:
automate IoT-Lab testing next release
Plugtests for CoAP Sebastian under review #1801
IPC improvement Kaspar withdrawn
DEVELHELP assertions ? skip for this release


(*) star-marked items are optional for the release

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