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The aim of the roadmap is to identify priority areas of RIOT development & enhancements. For each area, some near-future plans and concrete next steps are indicated. The text and items below are tentative, up for discussion, to be updated on the fly.

Network Stack High layers

(contact/steering: Martine)

  1. ICN stack support clean-up
  2. discuss mid- and long-term plans for network stack maintenance & development (GNRC vs other supported stacks)
  3. Support for CoAP blockwise transfer, observe. Also see Ken's unofficial CoAP for RIOT page.
  4. revisit network time synchronization

Network Stack Low layers

(contact/steering: Peter)

  1. Towards fully open source support of 6LoWPAN over BLE
  2. Re-integrate and clean-up 802.15.4 TSCH integration
  3. Retransmissions by MAC: finalize and merge netdev_retrans
  4. Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP): finalize and merge gnrc_ppp

Power Modes

(contact/steering: Hauke)

  1. RFC from @gebart for arbitrary freq for xtimer done
  2. prototype LPM concept from Kaspar, demoed on PLACE-HOLDER hardware. Basic idea is to define unified/simplified layered LP modes that apply to 99% of IoT hardware. More optimized board-specific LPM would prototype done
  3. implement PM interface for existing platforms (->
  4. xtimer use of RTT low-power timer
  5. concept to fix shell usage issue while LPM activated
  6. integrate generic power management functions in device driver APIs (netdev, SAUL, ...)
  7. more advanced LPM concepts:
  • potentially get rid of idle thread
  • sleeping for short periods (in cases where it is not feasible to switch to the idle thread and back) -> mitigate active waiting

Peripheral drivers

(contact/steering: Hauke)

  1. remodeling of the periph/i2c.h interface and subsequent adaption/rewrite of all existing implementations (->
  2. cleanup and unification of low-level timer interfaces (timer, rtt, rtc)
  3. introduction of spi_slave interface
  4. introduction of i2c_slave interface

Software Updates

(contact/steering: Emmanuel)

  1. Basic bootloader, flashing and booting one of multiple firmware slots done, see riotboot
  2. support for SUIT-compliant firmware metadata -> in progress, see #10315
  3. Prototype of secure firmware update over CoAP -> in progress, see this branch which is more or less up to date
  4. riotboot support for architectures other than Cortex-M


(contact/steering: Emmanuel)

  1. publish roadmap done
  2. Introduce RIOT Developer Memos done, see RDM0
  3. Write and publish more RDMs
  4. revamp RIOT website

Low-level Hardware Support

(contact/steering: Alex)

  1. Improved MIPS support
  2. radio support for TI SensorTag
  3. radio support for Silab Thunderboard
  4. ESP32 support


(contact/steering: Kaspar)

  1. automated unit tests with hardware in the loop (SAMR21 plugged on CI server?)
  2. automated network functionality tests (e.g. RPL + UDP/PING tests through border router, multi-hop) in IoTLAB dev sites?
  3. leverage PiFleet more?
  4. On-board CI testing in IoT-LAB (as it will provide soon the possibility to add custom nodes)


(contact/steering: Kaspar)

  1. RNG unified (secure, or basic), seeding
  2. easy TinyDTLS integration in sock, with CoAP etc.
  3. RIOT default configuration = secure configuration (that's our goal/motto)
  4. 802.15.4 link layer security (gaps in RFCs? How to update keys?)
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