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SUIT Hackathon CoAP image server

Kaspar Schleiser edited this page Mar 19, 2019 · 4 revisions

how it works

The following variables are defined in makefiles/

SUIT_COAP_SERVER ?= localhost    
SUIT_COAP_FSROOT ?= $(RIOTBASE)/coaproot    

All files (both slot binaries, both manifests, copies of manifests with "latest" instead of $APP_VER in riotboot build) are copied into the folder $(SUIT_COAP_FSROOT)/$(SUIT_COAP_BASEPATH). The manifests contain URLs to $(SUIT_COAP_ROOT)/* and are signed that way.

The whole tree under $(SUIT_COAP_FSROOT) is expected to be served via CoAP under $(SUIT_COAP_ROOT). This can be done by e.g., "aiocoap-fileserver $(SUIT_COAP_FSROOT)".

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