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SUIT compliant RIOT firmware support

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The page gathers pointers and a how-to for experimental SUIT support in RIOT.

Plans for IETF 104 Hackathon

Plug your board! We have prepared a SUIT firmware update harness in RIOT, with which you can update the firmware of your IoT device using the SUIT architecture and suit-cbor-manifest-01 over CoAP and USB serial. You can consider the below goals:

  • Hackathon goals for SUIT connoisseurs: update the harness to the latest version of the cbor-manifest spec

    1. implement suit-cbor-manifest-v4 parser / validator, we suggest by default to hook it like done here.
    2. integrate a suit-cbor-manifest-v4 generator in the RIOT SUIT harness, we suggest by default to hook it like done here.
    3. gather questions on v4 spec and gather feedback/suggestions for v5 (talk to @bremoran or @emmanuelsearch)
  • Potential hackathon goals for other RIOTers:

    1. (replicate the SUIT workflow see below)
    2. test USB support (instead of ethos) in the SUIT workflow (see this PR and maybe ask @bergzand)
    3. add riotboot support to more boards
    4. help shape/review PRs merging bits of the hackathon branch into the master branch
  • Potential hackathon goals for newbies:

    1. setup your RIOT environment (see below)
    2. replicate the SUIT workflow with RIOT
    3. have a chat to figure out what next!

Preliminaries: Quick Setup

Hardware requirements: a board supported by RIOT, connected via USB to your laptop.

  1. Get needed toolchain or install Vagrant, follow these SETUP INSTRUCTIONS.

  2. Fetch RIOT SUIT Hackathon Branch, inside cloned RIOT repo:

git fetch ota_suit_v2 ; git checkout -b <BRANCH_NAME> FETCH_HEAD

  1. Install the suit_example dependencies, follow instructions in this README

Replicate the SUIT firmware update with RIOT

Plug your SAMR21 or your nrf52 (or any other board supporting riotboot) to your computer via USB. Build and run the SUIT example as instructed in this README. Happy updates!

Learn more about RIOT's experimental harness for SUIT firmware update

  • An overview of the test harness and its building blocks can be found HERE.
  • Technical details on are provided in this README.

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