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Standards Based Application Development

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The IETF and other organizations provide open standards for application development on constrained devices. RIOT creates and assembles implementations of these standards. The table below gives an overview of what is available, including links into RIOT's documentation to learn more.

Standard Notes
CoAP CoAP is an HTTP-like application protocol. See the information page to learn about RIOT's nanocoap and gcoap interfaces.
Resource Directory RD is a mechanism to publish and find resources provided by a server. See the documentation for the simple and full client implementations, as well as example apps for each (simple, full).
CBOR CBOR is a binary, JSON-like data encoding. RIOT packages the cn-cbor library.
LwM2M LwM2M is a device management protocol from OMA. RIOT packages the Eclipse project's Wakaama library.
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