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Task Forces

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Within the RIOT community, Task Forces are (typically short-lived) efforts to achieve a well-defined goal. This goal might be either designing a concept and/or implementing such a concept or improving the quality of a certain feature/property of RIOT.

Each Task Force consists of a small number of RIOT developers and has its own Wiki page. One or two shepherds are identified per task force as the main contact(s) for this activity.

Creating a new Task Force. If you wish to launch a new task force, go ahead, create your wikipage, name your shepherd(s), and signal it on RIOT maintainers will contact you in the rare case where duplicate or very closely-related work has been detected elsewhere, and if joining forces might make sense.

Life of a Task Force. Shepherds and/or participants in a Task Force are invited to now and then update their wikipage, report progress or summarize the latest stand of your discussions on A shepherd-hood may be transferred from one person to another person if everyone is happy about that.

Dissolving an existing Task Force. Dissolving an existing Task Force happens either as the shepherd(s) declare the TF has concluded, or declare the TF is abandoned, or (ii) when the shepherds are unreachable, the TF has been dormant for a long time and RIOT maintainers declare the TF dissolved.

Currently active Task Forces

Dormant Task Forces

Concluded Task Forces

Archived & Abandoned Task Forces

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