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Things you should know about the CI

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For continuous integration we use Murdock. You can reach it at Most jobs there are configured to react on merging PRs and some react on special comments by certain users in a PR, but other scenarios (building in intervals, etc) are possible to.



CI is currently administered by

  • Alexandre Abadie @aabadie
  • Cenk Gündogan @cgundogan
  • Sebastian Meilling @smlng
  • Kaspar Schleiser @kaspar030

If there are questions, the CI team can be reached via mail to


RIOT's Murdock configuration can be found here. The corresponding status Webpage is taken from here.

Common Procedures

Update the Docker-Container on all workers

0a. get your ssh key into murdock master (contact

0b. start an autossh-session to murdock master

$ autossh -M0 -f -C -N murdock
  1. get list of murdock workers:

    $ dwqm control -l

  2. pick one, shut it down (it will restart and pull the newest docker image)

    $ dwqm control -s <name-of-one-worker>

  3. trigger a build, check if still builds correctly

  4. restart all workers

    $ dwqm control -s $(dwqm control -l)

  5. cross fingers

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