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Virtual Meeting on January 29th 2018

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  1. Release bugs (see
  2. Coding review guidelines (see PR #7087)
  3. Documentation efforts (see


  • Francisco Acosta
  • Jose Alamos
  • Koen Zandberg
  • Sebastian Meiling
  • Bas Stottelaar
  • Emmanuel Baccelli

1. Release bugs:

  • Put in the project only major issues, handle better the labels
  • Better clasification of the bugs, add more columns

2. Coding review guidelines

  • Add checkboxes for maintainers, so far:
    • Documentation
    • Architectural coherence
    • Functional tests
    • Code style
  • It may need several ACKs if only one maintainer can't check all the boxes

3. Documentation

  • Propose to move documentation for boards (support, configuration pin, etc) to doxygen. If agreed:
    • Propose a place where to put the resources (mostly images of the board, etc)
    • Take care of copyrights
    • Links to the images or actual images in the repo?
  • Look at
    • Jose will check which kind of tools they use to generate their webpage with documentation (likely doxygen).
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