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Virtual Meeting on November 28th 2017

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  • Alexandre Abadie
  • Hauke Petersen
  • Sebastian Meiling
  • Cenk Gündogan
  • Koen Zandberg
  • Vincent Dupont
  • Martine Lenders
  • Peter Kietzmann


  • Minute takers:
    • Francisco Acosta


  1. Look at the issues solved during the month.
  2. Enforce the usage of issues for WIP.
  3. Update maintainers list.
  4. Hardware on the loop testing.
  5. Murdock

1. Bug tracker 2018.01

  • I2C #7846 -> inconsistencies on stm32 drivers

    • Make a feature branch to follow the ND approach to advance in the I2C remodelling (Issue #6577)
    • Hauke publish a WIP branch on which there is some insights
  • NDP #7925 -> netif2 remodelling

    • Sebastian and Cenk are testing, might be merged by 27/11/2017
    • Check for compatibility vs RFC compliance

2. Enforce the usage of issues for WIP

  • Open Testing WIP issue

3. Update maintainers list

4. Hardware in the loop

  • Sebastian will open an issue to track the efforts.
  • Daniel adds his work on the issue for this efforts.

5. Murdock

  • Open issue for Murdock code (missing pieces)
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