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Virtual Meeting on October 29th 2018

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Monthly RIOT devel meeting 29/10/2018


  • Release-specs changes
  • Most wanted features for 2019.01

Release-specs changes:

  • CoAP (by Ken)
  • Experimental continue to be experimental for the next release (2019.01). Maybe we should point them out whenever related PRs are proposed/merged to trigger tests and potentially mark them as stable.
  • List all radio-capable boards to be added potentially into the release-specs
  • Do we test radio drivers or network stack? What is the decoupling level?
  • Add tests for L2 networking (based on the default example)

Features for 2019.01:

  • Bootloader (#10065 and #10253)
  • XFA (#9501)
  • Multislot (#10215)
  • Update docker image (riotdocker/42)
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