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Visual Studio Code

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Riot-Code extension helps to setup quickly and easy a RIOT development environment for Visual Studio Code.

A working RIOT build environment is the only prerequisite. Just be sure that make command compiles successfully:

RIOT-DIR-WITH-MAKEFILE> make BOARD=your-board # must run successfully

NOTE For Windows users: follow these instructions for setting up a conformant build environment.

Getting Started

  • Start Visual Studio Code and install C/C++ extension and riot-code.

  • Open RIOT directory (File->Open Folder ...)

  • Configure the parameters according to your environment:

    • Select File->Preferences->Settings... or simply Ctrl+,
    • Type riot in the search box for getting the RIOT-OS section
    • Edit and save the parameters (pay attention to board, compiler, build_dir)

Just for the first time: (Ctrl+Shift+P) and run Riot Init command.

After a few seconds you will see two files in the file Explorer view:

  1. .vscode/tasks.json
  2. .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json

Congrats, Your workspace is ready!

Task->Run Tasks... and the clean, build and flash development commands are available.

Ctrl+Shift+B is the default shortcut for building.


riot-code has just been born: it must be feeded with bugs, stars and wishes!

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