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Alternative to lodash.get that makes it typed and cool as if optional typing proposal is there
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Alternative to lodash.get that makes it typed and cool as if optional chaining proposal is there.

Means you're not only safely navigate object, but you're also getting 100% autocomplete and type-safeness 🎉

Usage and examples

import get from 'ts-get'

 type SomeType = {
  optionalField?: string
  nested?: {
    dangerousAccess?: string
 } | undefined | null
 const input: SomeType = {}
 const input2: SomeType = {
    optionalField: "value",
 get(input, it => it.optionalField, "default") // -> "default"
 get(input2, it => it.optionalField, "default") // -> "value"
 get(input2, it => it.nested.dangerousAccess, "default") // -> "default"
 get(input2, it => it.unknownField, "default") // -> Type error, `unknownField` doesn't exist on type
 get(input2, it => it.optionalField, 5) // -> Type error, third argument is not assignable to type `string`

Difference with lodash.get behavior

  • If your path gets null at the end, it will bail out to defaultValue or undefined. If you would like to get null returned anyway, just pass it as a defaultValue
  • If your type field is of type null and only null or undefined your field will be of type {}[]. I have no idea how to fix it 🤷‍♂️ PR Welcome 😇🙏
type A = {
  field: null | undefined// -> {}[] inside of the callback and as return type too
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