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Tiny utility function for styled-components helps to override 3rd parties components with custom className props for their deep nested children or different states
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withStyledClassNames 🤡

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This is a tiny (666 bytes gzipped) zero dependency helpful utility function for styled-components which helps to override 3rd parties components with custom className props for their deep nested children or different states. For example activeClassName, or inputClassName etc.



yarn add with-class-names


npm install with-class-names --save

Usage example

You basically pass 3rd party Component to be styled, and then an object with keys as name of the props, and values as Tagged Template Literals with CSS, or with styled-component from which styles will be derived. Take a look at the example that have both of the options.


import { css } from 'styled-components'
import withStyledClassNames from 'with-styled-class-names'
import WithNestedClassNames from './WithNestedClassNames'

const StyledComponent = withStyledClassNames({
  activeClassName: `
    color: red;
  inputClassName: css`
    color: ${p => p.primary && `red`};
  //Extend hack to immediately style container itself (hence default className prop)
}, WithNestedClassNames).extend`
  margin: 2px;
  background: blue;

More detailed example:

Edit with-class-names example

import withStyledClassNames from 'with-styled-class-names'
import styled, { css } from 'styled-components'

// 3rd party component with nested classNames options
const Component = ({
  objectClassNamesList = { first: {}, second: {} },
}) => {
  const { first, second } = objectClassNamesList
  return (
    <div className={className} {...props}>
      <div className={nestedClassName}>
        {'Nested One Level'}
        <div className={anotherNestedClassName}>Another nested</div>
        <div className={first}>Another first</div>
        <div className={second}>Another second</div>

// styled-component which from you would like to derive styles
const DerivedFromStyledComponent = styled.div`
  background: palevioletred;
  color: ${props => props.purple};

  &:hover {
    background: mediumaquamarine;

// Usage 
// arg0: (key: NestedClassNameProp, value: Tagged Template Literal/StyledComponent)
// arg1: Component to style
const StyledComponent = withStyledClassNames({
  // This className will be populated with class of the DerivedFromStyledComponent  
  nestedClassName: DerivedFromStyledComponent,
  // If you want interpolations to work, use css from `styled-components` (PR welcome 😇)
  anotherNestedClassName: css`
    color: white;
    background: blue;
    border: ${p => p.color} 8px solid;
  // Nested 1 lvl deep classNamesProps supported too (like react-modal)
  objectClassNamesList: {
    first: `background: red;`,
    second: DerivedFromStyledComponent,
}, Component).extend`
  background: black;
  color: ${p => p.color};



Curried withStyledClassNames({}, Comp) or withStyledClassNames({})(Comp) is possible. Returns styled-component, so call .extend is possible and it will style root/container of the component.


  • styledMap: ClassNamesProps: Object(key: classNameProp, value: TemplateLiteralCSS/StyledComponent)
  • Component: Any React Component

Returns: StyledComponent

// All possible combintaions



Hacks and hints

Function return StyledComponent, so you can continue chaining its functions like

withStyledClassNames({}, Component).extend`background: red;`

To style container. And then to extend it further if you will export this component to outside world. Hence withComponent and other handy styled reusage functions are here.

Another option to style main container is by using className prop like the others.

withStyledClassNames({ className: `background: red` }, Component)

Note that you need to use css helper function from styled-component in this case, to have interpolation functions to work. (if you know how to solve that please PR)

Known issues

If you want to interpolations to work for nested classNames please use css from styled-components like in the examples here. PR Welcome to fix that 😍 I gave up trying 😇

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