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RIPE Atlas Community Contrib

(Collection of links to tools and hackathons documentation)

Welcome to the Community Contributions repository! It started as a collection of RIPE Atlas related tools, and developed into a place to collect the documentation from the various hackathons organised by RIPE NCC.

In the main repository are contributions by the community of the RIPE Atlas visualizations, tools for analysing measurements data.

Below are the links to other independantly hosted projects:

RPKI Deployathon Amsterdam (Routing Security event)

In March 2019, we held a first RPKI Deployathon in Amsterdam : an event simmilar to a hackathon, but foocused on BGP routing security. It was organised & supported by RIPE NCC, Juniper NEtworks & Tesuto (Lab).

Here you can find presentations slides & other documentation

You can read the report from the event on RIPE Labs.

Projects at Quantum Internet Hackathon

In October 2018, we held a Quantum Internet Hackahton in Amsterdam: RIPE NCC, QuTech / Quanntum Internet Alliance and Juniper.

Main project - adding functionality to SimulaQron

A lot of people had problems installing and starting SimulaQron. Here's a very basic SimulaQron Docker image that runs the default giving you five nodes: The ports exposed are 8081--8085. Get it easily with docker pull mchackorg/simulaqron

We implement quantum digital signature algorithm on SimulaQron.

Other projects

Software projects from Network Operators Tools Hackathon

In June 2018 we had a Netowrk Operators Tools Hackathon in Dublin. All presentation slides are in the "presentations" directory, and here are the links to the code that was produced during the event:

Software projects from Hackathon Version 6

In November 2017 we had a Hackathon Version 6 in Copenhagen. All presentation slides are in the "slides" directory, and here are the links to the code that was produced during the event:

  • “PCAP or it didn’t happen”: ICMPv6 support for libpcap by Matthias Hannig, Moritz Wilhelmy, Daniel Lublin: already merged by the "the-tcpdump-group" ! 1, 2, 3

  • Pocket Internet by Andy Mindnich, Cristian Sirbu, Evangelos Balaskas, Harry Reeder, Henrik Kramshøj, Samer Lahoud

  • IPvizzz6 & live version by Igor Rinkovec, Luuk Hendriks, Nico Heßler, Pedro da Silva Vaz, Thomas Flummer

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Disparities & TraceMonks by Andrea Barberio, Baptiste Jonglez, Ioana Livadariu, Nikos Roussos, Petros Gigis, Richard Patterson, Shahin Gharghi, Vasileios Giotsas

  • The Status of IPv6 by Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen, Nico Heßler, Kristina Hakobyan, Christoffer Hansen, Ioana Livadariu & RIPE NCC staff: Christian, Jasper and Steve

Software projects from DNS Measurements Hackathon

In April 2017 we had a DNS Measurements Hackathon in Amsterdam. All presentation slides are in the "slides" directory, and here are the links to the code that was produced during the event:

Software projects from IXP-Tools Hackathon

Software projects created during IXP-Tools Hackathon

Software projects from RIPE Atlas Interfaces Hackathon

Software projects from Tools-for-operators Hackathon

Software projects created during Tools Hackathon in November 2015:

  • YIN YANG ninjaX traceroute by Edward, Orlin, Sascha, Rickard: measuring asymetric paths
  • Atlas Shrugd by Shane & Collin: Emulating DNS resolution using RIPE Atlas
  • ASN Tryst by Martin, Dmitry, Aleksander, James & Christian: An ASN to ASN interconnect viewer

Software projects from Dataviz Hackathon

Software projects sreated during DataViz Hackathon in March 2015:


  • Official RIPE Atlas CLI toolset Official command-line client for RIPE Atlas PULL REQUESTS WELCOME!

  • Cousteau: A Python client for RIPE ATLAS API, actively maintained by the RIPE Atlas team.

  • Sagan: A parsing library for RIPE Atlas measurement results, actively maintained by the RIPE Atlas team.

  • DNSMON code: The RIPE NCC DNS Monitoring Service (DNSMON) provides a comprehensive, objective and up-to-date overview of the quality of the service offered by high-level Domain Name System (DNS) servers.

NCC-staff-personal Tools

Misc Community Tools

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