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RPKI - Commons


This library is distributed under the BSD License. See:


Resource Certification is a robust security framework for verifying the association between resource holders and their Internet resources. In this context, 'resource holders' are organizations such as Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), Local Internet Registries (LIRs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), or end-user organizations, while 'Internet resources' are IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks and Autonomous System (AS) numbers.

This library contains an implementation of an X.509 v3 certificate extension which binds a list of IP address blocks or prefixes to the subject of a certificate (IP Address Delegation Extension).

This library also contains an implementation of other RPKI signed objects:

  • ROA CMS: The purpose of a ROA is to express authorization for an AS to originate a route to the prefix(es) in the ROA.

  • Manifest CMS: A manifest is a signed object (file) that contains a listing of all the signed objects (files) in the repository publication point (directory) associated with an authority responsible for publishing in the repository.

  • CRL: A signed, timestamped list identifying a set of certificates that are no longer considered valid by the certificate issuer.

  • Ghostbusters Record (RFC 6493): A signed vCard (RFC 6350) that includes contact information of an RPKI CA certificate maintainer. At the moment, only parsing and signature validation is implemented.

This library supports the concept of path validation, the process that verifies the binding between the subject and the subject-public-key defined in the target certificate, using a trust anchor and set of known constraints.

This library also contains an implementation of the RPKI certificate provisioning protocol.


2016-09-15 version 1.3