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IGLOO2 Creative Development Board RISC-V Projects

This project contains Libero projects containing FPGA designs including a RISC-V RV32IM soft processor. Programming bitstreams are also included so you don't have to run through the full FPGA design flow in order to start developing software for RISC-V.

Documentation is available here to help you get started with tools and IP.

Target Hardware

The IGLOO2 Creative Development Board includes a IGLOO2 M2GL025 FPGA. Details of the features available for this development board are available here.

The TickTackToe example uses a TFT Touch Shield for Arduino, with Resistive Touch Screen

Programming The Target Device

The Programming_The_Target_Device folder includes programming files that can be used to program the development boards FPGA using FlashPro Express. A standalone installer for FlashPro Express is available here . Please note that you only need to install this standalone version of FlashPro Express if you do not have Libero tools installed.

Modify The FPGA Design

The Modify_The_FPGA_Design folder contains Libero example designs. Libero is Microsemi's FPGA design tool. You will need this tool if you wish to modify the example FPGA designs. Libero is available here.

Example Software Projects

The Example_Software_Projects folder contains example software projects specifically targeted at the IGLOO2 Creative Development Board. The TickTackToe and riscv-systic-blinky example firmware can be found in this directory. A set of more generic RISC-V example software projects are also available for these designs from the SoftConsole page.