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Stem.privilege returns wrong privilege level #35

alolis opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I have implemented on my leaf the someone_did_join_channel event and I have noticed the following:

  1. Channel Founder (+q) or Channel Admin (+a) joins the channel and gets the user mode from chanserv.
  2. someone_did_join_channel() is called and the first method i am calling inside the event is stem.privilege(channel, nick) which i would expect to return :channel_owner or :admin symbol but instead i am getting :unvoiced

I really do not understand at what point the users get updated with their proper channel levels. This is very confusing


Some further info. If the user is a channel operator (+o) the whole thing works as expected. I can see the problem with admins and channel owners only. Here is the difference when a channel operator joins and when owner/admin joins:


  • THEBOT gives channel operator status to arekanderu


  • THEBOT sets mode +q #somechannel arekanderu
  • THEBOT gives channel operator status to arekanderu

I have some further info regarding this issue. I was able to reproduce the problem with channel operators as well. If the channel operator has a greet message then I can see the problem. Example of channel operator with greet message joining channel:

  • THEBOT [arekanderu] This is a test message
  • THEBOT gives channel operator status to arekanderu

In addition, i have set type: op for one of my leafs in leaves.yml and implemented a method which uses authentication as follows:

def test_command(stem, sender, reply_to, message)
    # do stuff
ann :test_command, :protected => true

The bot will return "Only an op can do that" if one of the cases i described occur. It will work normal if the user is a channel operator without a greet message.


I have some more info. I though that if it's a channel operator without a greet message it will work properly but it seems that I didn't took under consideration that I had a sleep(2) before I make the call to stem.privilege. If i remove the sleep the problem is 100% reproducible. Looks like that the users are not refreshed on time/properly but if I add the sleep the users refresh completes on time.

This is the code which I have and it only works properly with chan ops without greet message:

def someone_did_join_channel(stem, sender, channel)
   privilege = stem.privilege(channel, sender[:nick])

Waiting for your comments Tim and hopefully for a solution. This is causing way too much headache for me at the moment.


Any updates on the issue? =/


Over a month and still no reply...

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