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RITchie is a stat tracking/replay scanning bot designed for eSports teams, built by RIT eSports.

Build Status

Click me to add RITchie to your Discord server

Why did you make this

When starting RIT eSports, we decided that Discord would be an excellent way of communicating between our many teams. We also found stat tracking bots were a great resource for finding in game statistics quickly. After adding dozens of bots to our server, we realized that it made sense to build our own bot that covers all the use cases of RIT eSports. RITchie is that bot.

Things RITchie does now

  • League of Legends (Profile Stats/Server Status)
  • Heroes of the Storm (Profile Stats)
  • Overwatch (Profile Stats)
  • Starcraft II (Replay Scanning)
  • Rocket League (Replay Scanning)
  • Cleverbot
  • Memes

Things we're making RITchie do in the future

(In no particular order)

  • Rocket League (Profile Stats)
  • Starcraft II (Profile Stats)
  • Hearthstone (Profile Stats)
  • Heroes of the Storm (Replay Scanning)
  • Counter Strike (Profile Stats)
  • Dota 2 (Profile Stats/Match Analysis)
  • League of Legends (Profile Stats)
  • Tournament mode (team building & automatic role/channel creation)
  • Team signups (Automatic role adding)

Want us to add a new feature, or track a new game? Either open an issue, or submit a pull request!

How to Install

Hosted Version:

Adding RITchie to your server is easy as cake, just click the link below.

Add RITchie to your Discord server

Self Hosted Version:

Want to mess around a bit more, or add your own branding to the bot? Instructions are below.

$ git clone
$ cd ritchie
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python discord_bot_token LoL_api_key cleverbot_api_key

Depending on what versions of Python are installed, you might need to replace python for python3