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# eredis
-Redis client with a focus on performance. Eredis also supports AUTH
-and SELECT.
+Redis client with a focus on performance and robustness. Eredis also supports AUTH, SELECT and poolboy.
## Example
@@ -31,24 +30,29 @@ EUnit tests:
Eredis has only one function to interact with redis, which is
`eredis:q(Client::pid(), Command::iolist())`. The response will either
-be `{ok, Value::binary()}` or `{error, Message::binary()}`. The value
-is always the binary value returned by Redis, without any type
+be `{ok, Value::binary() | [binary()]}` or `{error,
+Message::binary()}`. The value is always the exact value returned by
+Redis, without any type conversion. If Redis returns a list of values,
+this list is returned in the exact same order without any type
-To start the client, use `eredis:start_link/0` or
-`eredis:start_link/4`. `start_link/4` takes the following arguments:
+To start the client, use any of the `eredis:start_link/0,1,2,3,4,5`
+functions. They all include sensible defaults. `start_link/5` takes
+the following arguments:
* Host, dns name or ip adress as string
-* Port, integer
+* Port, integer, default is 6379
* Database, integer or 0 for default database
* Password, string or empty string([]) for no password
+* Reconnect sleep, integer of milliseconds to sleep between reconnect attempts
## Reconnecting on Redis down / network failure / timeout / etc
When Eredis for some reason looses the connection to Redis, Eredis
will keep trying to reconnect until a connection is successfully
-established, which includes the AUTH and SELECT calls. The sleep time
-between attempts to reconnect is 100 milliseconds.
+established, which includes the `AUTH` and `SELECT` calls. The sleep
+time between attempts to reconnect can be set in the
+`eredis:start_link/5` call.
As long as the connection is down, Eredis will respond to any request
immediately with `{error, no_connection}` without actually trying to

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