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Don't crash the caller of eredis_client:stop/1

eredis_client:handle_call(stop, _From, State) used to return
3-element tuple, thus not replying to the caller and making
it crash when gen_server stopped.
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1 parent 39db581 commit a9400f1c004ddd096597796dd20242909e95e629 @goj goj committed Oct 20, 2011
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@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ handle_call({request, Req}, From, State) ->
do_request(Req, From, State);
handle_call(stop, _From, State) ->
- {stop, normal, State};
+ {stop, normal, ok, State};
handle_call(_Request, _From, State) ->
{reply, unknown_request, State}.

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