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estatsd is a simple stats aggregation service that periodically dumps data to
NB: Graphite is good, despite the website being a bit ghetto.
Inspired heavily by etsy statsd:
1) Install and configure graphite (quick-ish)
2) Install rebar, have it in your path
3) rebar compile
4) erl -pa ebin
5) > application:start(estatsd).
> estatsd:increment(foo, 123).
6) Observe graphite now has 1 data point.
Add this app to your rebar deps, and make sure it's started somehow
eg: application:start(estatsd).
You can configure custom graphite host/port and flush interval using
application environment vars. See estatsd_sup for details.
The following calls to estatsd are all gen_server:cast, ie non-blocking.
estatsd:gauge(temperature, 45). %% set temperature to 45
estatsd:increment(num_foos). %% increment num_foos by one
estatsd:decrement(<<"num_bars">>, 3). %% decrement num_bars by 3
estatsd:increment("tcp.bytes_in", 512). %% increment tcp.bytes_in by 512
estatsd:timing(sometask, 1534). %% report that sometask took 1534ms
Or for your convenience:
Start = erlang:now(),
estatsd:timing(sometast, Start). %% uses now() and now_diff for you
This could be extended to take a callback for reporting mechanisms.
Right now it's hardcoded to stick data into graphite.
I've been running this since May 2011 in production for irccloud.
Richard Jones <>