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#ifndef __RS_GREYNET_H__
#define __RS_GREYNET_H__
#include <boost/asio.hpp>
#include <boost/bind.hpp>
#include <boost/weak_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/thread.hpp>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include "libf2f/router.h"
#include "libf2f/protocol.h"
#include "greynet_messages.hpp"
#include "playdar/playdar_plugin_include.h"
#include "ss_greynet.h"
#include "jbot.h"
#include "portfwd/portfwd.h"
namespace playdar {
namespace resolvers {
class ss_greynet;
class greynet
: public ResolverPlugin<greynet>,
public libf2f::Protocol
virtual bool init(pa_ptr pap);
void connect_to_peer(const std::string& remote_ip, unsigned short remote_port);
void connect_to_peer(const std::string& remote_ip, unsigned short remote_port, std::map<std::string,std::string> props);
/// jabber stuff
void jabber_start(const std::string& jid, const std::string& pass, const std::string& server, unsigned short port);
void jabber_msg_received(const std::string& msg, const std::string& jid);
void jabber_new_peer(const std::string& jid);
/// end jabber stuff
virtual std::string name() const { return "greynet"; }
virtual void start_resolving(boost::shared_ptr<ResolverQuery> rq);
/// max time in milliseconds we'd expect to have results in.
virtual unsigned int target_time() const
return 3000;
/// highest weighted resolverservices are queried first.
virtual unsigned short weight() const
return 51;
bool new_incoming_connection( libf2f::connection_ptr conn );
void new_outgoing_connection( libf2f::connection_ptr conn );
void new_connection_watchdog( libf2f::connection_ptr conn, size_t timeout );
void new_connection_timeout(const boost::system::error_code& e,
libf2f::connection_ptr conn,
boost::shared_ptr<boost::asio::deadline_timer> t);
void expect_ident( libf2f::message_ptr msgp, libf2f::connection_ptr conn, bool incoming );
void send_ident( libf2f::connection_ptr conn );
void connection_terminated(libf2f::connection_ptr conn);
void message_received( libf2f::message_ptr msgp, libf2f::connection_ptr conn );
void handle_query(libf2f::connection_ptr conn, libf2f::message_ptr msgp);
void fwd_search(const boost::system::error_code& e,
libf2f::connection_ptr conn, libf2f::message_ptr msgp,
boost::shared_ptr<boost::asio::deadline_timer> t,
query_uid qid);
void send_response( query_uid qid, boost::shared_ptr<ResolvedItem> rip);
void handle_queryresult(libf2f::connection_ptr conn, libf2f::message_ptr msgp);
bool handle_sidrequest(libf2f::connection_ptr conn, libf2f::message_ptr msg);
bool handle_siddata(libf2f::connection_ptr conn, libf2f::message_ptr msg);
void handle_sidheaders(libf2f::connection_ptr conn, libf2f::message_ptr msgp);
void handle_sidfail(libf2f::connection_ptr conn, libf2f::message_ptr msgp);
void handle_querystop(libf2f::connection_ptr conn, libf2f::message_ptr msgp);
void start_sidrequest(libf2f::connection_ptr conn, source_uid sid, boost::shared_ptr<ss_greynet> ss);
void unregister_sidtransfer( libf2f::connection_ptr conn, const source_uid &sid );
void register_sidtransfer( libf2f::connection_ptr conn, const source_uid &sid, boost::shared_ptr<ss_greynet> ss );
void set_query_origin(query_uid qid, libf2f::connection_ptr conn)
assert( m_qidorigins.find(qid) == m_qidorigins.end() );
m_qidorigins[qid] = libf2f::connection_ptr_weak(conn);
libf2f::connection_ptr get_conn( const std::string & name );
virtual std::map< std::string, boost::function<ss_ptr(std::string)> >
libf2f::connection_ptr get_query_origin(query_uid qid)
libf2f::connection_ptr conn;
if(m_qidorigins.find(qid) == m_qidorigins.end())
// not found
return conn;
libf2f::connection_ptr_weak connw = m_qidorigins[qid];
return libf2f::connection_ptr(connw);
{ return conn; }
bool anon_http_handler(const playdar_request&, playdar_response&, playdar::auth&);
bool authed_http_handler(const playdar_request& req, playdar_response& resp, playdar::auth& pauth);
boost::shared_ptr<boost::asio::io_service> get_io_service() const
return m_io_service;
libf2f::Router * router() { return m_router; }
virtual ~greynet() throw();
void detect_ip();
const std::string& public_ip() const { return m_publicip; }
libf2f::Router * m_router;
unsigned short m_port;
pa_ptr m_pap;
boost::shared_ptr<jbot> m_jbot;
boost::shared_ptr<boost::thread> m_jbot_thread;
std::map<std::string, std::string> m_peer_cookies; // cookie->jid
boost::shared_ptr<Portfwd> m_pf;
boost::thread_group m_threads;
boost::shared_ptr<boost::asio::io_service> m_io_service;
// source of queries, so we know how to reply.
std::map< query_uid, libf2f::connection_ptr_weak > m_qidorigins;
// soure id to streaming strats
std::map< source_uid, boost::shared_ptr<ss_greynet> > m_sid2ss;
// so we can reject all GUIDs we've already seen (dupe msgs)
std::set< std::string > m_seen_guids;
// track connection -> sids that are actively being transferred so that
// if a connection dies, we can cancel the sid transfers immediately
std::multimap< libf2f::connection_ptr, source_uid > m_conn2sid;
// do we have a public internet IP for incoming connections?
std::string m_publicip;
}} //namespaces