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import os, sys, re, subprocess
# If this script is set as your command handler, when any ?command is run in IRC it will
# look in the path defined below for a script matching that command name and run it.
# e.g. ?uptime would look in "/usr/share/irccat/" (the default) for any script called
# "uptime", with any extension. It would happily run both and, or
# a script in whatever language you like. Command names are limited to [0-9a-z].
path = '/usr/share/irccat/'
args = sys.argv[1]
bits = args.split(' ')
command = bits[3].lower()
found = False
if re.match('^[a-z0-9]+$', command):
for file in os.listdir(path):
if re.match('^%s\.[a-z]+$' % command, file):
found = True
procArgs = [path + file]
proc = subprocess.Popen(procArgs, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
stdout = proc.stdout
while True:
# We do this to avoid buffering from the subprocess stdout
print, 65536),
if proc.poll() != None:
if found == False:
print "Unknown command '%s'" % command