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Generate source tarball for Boffin. app specific scripts should not b…

…e in admin. No! But this is quicker for now. I'll fix it all up eventually. admin is for general purpose build/dist related scripts.

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1 parent 17e1628 commit 709003d5a021f4d42b803ca202531ceb58a691d0 @mxcl mxcl committed Mar 4, 2009
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57 admin/dist/
@@ -0,0 +1,57 @@
+mkdir -p $d/app/client
+cp -R common admin lib $d
+cp app/* $d/app
+cp -R app/boffin app/clientplugins $d/app
+cp app/client/Resolver.cpp $d/app/client
+cp app/client/XspfTrackSource.cpp $d/app/client
+cp app/client/ResolvingTrackSource.cpp $d/app/client
+cp app/client/XspfResolvingTrackSource.cpp $d/app/client
+cp app/client/LocalRql.cpp $d/app/client
+cp app/client/LocalRadioTrackSource.cpp $d/app/client
+cp app/client/Resolver.h $d/app/client
+cp app/client/XspfTrackSource.h $d/app/client
+cp app/client/ResolvingTrackSource.h $d/app/client
+cp app/client/XspfResolvingTrackSource.h $d/app/client
+cp app/client/LocalRql.h $d/app/client
+cp app/client/LocalRadioTrackSource.h $d/app/client
+dirs=`find $d -name .svn`
+for x in $dirs; do ../../tools/svn-clean `dirname "$x"`; done
+echo $dirs | xargs rm -rf
+rm -r $d/lib/listener $d/lib/lastfm/fingerprint $d/lib/3rdparty
+cp COPYING configure .qmake.cache $d
+cat <<END>$d/
+TEMPLATE = subdirs
+CONFIG += ordered
+SUBDIRS = lib/lastfm/core/ \
+ lib/lastfm/ws/ \
+ lib/lastfm/types/ \
+ lib/lastfm/radio/ \
+ lib/unicorn/ \
+ app/clientplugins/localresolver/ \
+ app/boffin
+cat <<END>$d/README
+Taglib 1.5
+Qt 4.4
+Compile Errors
+Please, I'm not a support dude! I'd appreciate it if you don't email me until
+you're sure it's our fault it isn't compiling! Thanks. <>
+tar cjf $d.tar.bz2 $d
+rm -rf $d

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