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OS X inserts ._ files automatically when you tar! Impressive, but stu…


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mxcl committed Mar 4, 2009
1 parent 4ac7844 commit fc5af7f3f972493c4a9e496e1840e7d8f366a019
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  1. +6 −2 admin/dist/
@@ -1,6 +1,10 @@
+# OSX copies special file attributes to ._files when you tar!
mkdir -p $d/app/client
cp -R common admin lib $d
@@ -53,5 +57,5 @@ Please, I'm not a support dude! I'd appreciate it if you don't email me until
you're sure it's our fault it isn't compiling! Thanks. <>
-tar cjf $d.tar.bz2 $d
+tar pcjf $d.tar.bz2 $d
rm -rf $d

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