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0.26 Thu Jan 29 13:05:50 PST 2009
* Fix for decrement on hash key
* Fixed assert that was catching bad memset() call in host_reset()
* Fix purge issue for blocked IO which has been stacked.
0.25 Fri Nov 28 09:59:35 PST 2008
* Jenkins HASH added.
* Update of Murmur hash code
* Support explicit weights (Robey Pointer, Evan Weaver)
* Bugfix for ketama continuum (Robey Pointer)
* Don't ever call stats for weighting servers, because it is unstable.
0.24 Tue Sep 16 02:59:03 PDT 2008 (never released)
* Cleanup compile warnings.
* Fix issues in partitioning by keys.
* Fixed "fail case" to make sure when calling memcached_clone() no
memcached_st is over written.
* New memcached_server_by_key() method for finding a server from
a key.
* memcached_server_free() was added for freeing server structures.
0.23 Sun Sep 7 08:13:59 PDT 2008
* Added strings.h header for Solaris 9
* Solaris 64bit fix.
* Support for weighted Ketama from Yin Chen.
* Fix for Chinese
* Fix for 0 length key to trigger bad key.
* Support for Binary Protocol added
0.22 Mon Jul 14 09:24:11 PDT 2008
* Fix where master key was no being checked for "bad key"
* Fixed bugs in stats output (thread output was wrong)
* Clarified MEMCACHED_BAD_KEY_PROVIDED is return for bad prefix key.
* Found a bug in Flags return (Jacek Ostrowski)
* Fixed issue with compiling on Visual Studio
0.21 Fri May 23 18:34:09 PDT 2008
* Change of char * to const char * for all key based functions.
* New MEMCACHED_CALLBACK_PREFIX_KEY added. You can now create domains for
* Fixed bug introducd in last version on memcp
* Fix for death of file io to call shutdown()
0.20 Mon May 5 08:34:26 PDT 2008
* New consistent distribution tests.
* Found a memory leak when a server constantly fails.
* Fix in watchpoint macro
* Changed default timeout to 1 second for poll timeouts
* Wheel uses less memory/dynamic allocation for size (no longer limited to
512 hosts by default.
* memslap memory leak fix
* Added Ketama distribution
* Fix assert.h compile problem on CentOS
0.19 Wed Apr 9 09:30:53 PDT 2008
* Documentation fix in libmemcached.
* Fixed bug where sort was always occuring on hosts
* Logic fix in branch prediction (thanks Jay!)
* Read through cached support.
* Fixed for cas by key operation.
* Fix for memcached_server_st list structures to have correct count.
* Removed function call in favor of macro (aka cut out some instructions)
0.18 Sun Mar 16 21:57:55 PDT 2008
* Fix plus tests for non-zero value objects and flags.
* MEMCACHED_HASH_MURMUR added for murmur algorithm provided.
* MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_RETRY_TIMEOUT added to keep connecting from looping
on timeout.
* gcc branch prediction optimizations
* Refactored entire tree to make include files cleaner
* Fixed leaked socket.
0.17 Wed Feb 27 03:33:29 PST 2008
* MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_CONNECT_TIMEOUT added for connect timeout in
non-block mode.
* Incompatible change in memcached_behavior_set() api. We now use a
uint64_t, instead of a pointer.
* Fix for storage of values for zero.
* memcached_server_cursor() function added to API for cycling through servers.
0.16 Mon Feb 18 00:30:25 PST 2008
* Work on the UDP protocol
* Added get_by_key, set_by_key tests for C++ API
* Fix for limit_maxbytes to be 64bit in stats
* Added Atom Smasher test (scale baby, scale!)
* Servers are now sorted, meaning that servers are now ordered so that
clients with the same lists, will have same distribution. (Idea from
Ross McFarland). MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_SORT_HOSTS was added to enable
this support.
* Added MEMCACHED_BAD_KEY_PROVIDED error for auto, set, and get operations.
MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_VERIFY_KEY was added to enable this feature.
* More error messages on command line tools.
* Fixed bugs in memcached_cas() operator.
* Fix to loop through interfaces
0.15 Tue Jan 29 14:55:44 PST 2008
* More work on the C++ API.
* Bug fixes around block corner cases.
* Slight performance increase in both read() and write().
0.14 Tue Jan 22 06:21:49 PST 2008
* For for bug found by Evan Weaver where increment() was not returning
propper error of value was not found.
* Fix for bad null pointer on flag by Toru Maesaka.
* Refactor of all IO to just pass in the active server
* Problem configuring (PKG_CHECK_MODULES) fixed by removal of "rpath" in
support/ (Thanks to Ross McFarland).
* Added memcached_callback_get()/set()
* First prototype of C++ interface
* Updated docs for uint16_t changes in previous release
0.13 Sun Jan 13 06:51:50 PST 2008
* MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_USER_DATA added to store user pointer.
* Fix for failure to connect to invalidate socket.
* Patch from Marc Rossi to add --hash option for memcp, memrm, and memcat.
* Kevin's patch for fixing EOF issues during a read.
* Toru Maesaka patch for stats mismatch
* Fix for when CRC return 0
* Fixed uint16_t issues around flags. Turns out the documentation on the
protocol was wrong.
* Lingering socket fixes for FreeBSD.
* Patches from Kevin Dalley for FreeBSD 4.0
* Added multi delete functions.
* All get key returns have C style null termination
* If memcached_server_list_append is passed NULLs instead of pointers it
returns NULL.
* Added memcached_fetch_execute() method
* Found a bug where memcached_fetch() was not null terminating the result
* memcached_behavior() now has the ability to set "buffering" so that
data is not automatically flushed.
* Behavior change, buffered commands now return MEMCACHED_BUFFERED
0.12 Tue Dec 11 15:20:55 PST 2007
* Updates for consistent hashing
* IPV6 support
* Static allocation for hostname (performance)
* Fixed bug where in non-block mode all data might not have been sent on
* Refactor of memcached_get() to use common code.
* Change in value fetch, MEMCACHED_END is now returned when keys are no
longer in the pipe.
* Fixed bug where key could be out of range of characters
* Added _by_key() methods to allow partitioning of values to particular
* MEMCACHED_DEFAILT_TIMEOUT is now set to a non -1 value.
* Performance improvements in get operations.
0.11 Mon Nov 26 01:05:52 PST 2007
* Added option to memcache_behavior_set() so that poll() can be timed out.
* Fixed memory leak in case of using memcached_fetch_result() where no
value was returned.
* Bug fixed in memcached_connect() which would cause servers that
did not need to be enabled to be enabled (performance issue).
* Rewrote bounds checking code for get calls.
* "make test" now starts its own memcached servers.
* Added Hseih hash (MEMCACHED_HASH_HSIEH), which is showing about 7%
performance over standard hash.
0.10 Tue Nov 20 23:22:31 PST 2007
* Added append binary test.
* Added MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_CACHE_LOOKUPS behavior so that you can save on
multiple DNS lookups.
* Added CAS support, though this is optional and must be enabled during
* Added the utility memerror to create human readable error strings
from memcached errors (aka convert ints to strings)
* Fixed bug where hostname might not be null terminated
* Moved to using gethostbyname_r() on Linux to solve thread safety issue
* Added -rpath support for pkg-config
* Documentation fix for hash setting using memcached_behavior_set()
0.9 Thu Nov 15 07:44:00 PST 2007
* fix for when no servers are definied.
* different buffers are now kept for different connections to
speed up async efforts
* Modified increment/decrement functions to return uint64_t values
* Fixed bug in cases where zero length keys were provided
* Thread cleanup issue in memslap
* No hostname lookup on reconnect
* Fix for flag settings (was doing hex by accident!)
* Support for 1.2.4 server additions "prepend" and "append" added.
* Added memcached_version()... not sure if I will make this public
or not.
0.8 Mon Nov 5 10:40:41 PST 2007
* Adding support for CRC hash method
* Adding support for UNIX sockets
* Added additional HASHing methods of FNV1_64,FNV1A_64, FNV1_32, FNV1A_32
* Added pkgconfig support (PKG_CHECK_MODULES)
* Fixed conflict with defined type in MySQL
* Added memcached_result_st structure and functions to manipulate it.
0.7 Tue Oct 30 09:24:05 PDT 2007
* Poved to poll() from select()
* Fixes in internal string class for allocation of large numbers of
* memcached_mget() function now sends keys as it parses them instead of
building strings as it goes.
* Propper flush now for making sure we get all IO sent even when in
non-block mode.
* Added --enable-debug rule for configure
* All asserts() removed (hey this is going into production!)
0.6 Wed Oct 17 08:41:35 PDT 2007
* get value returns are now null terminated (request by Cal Heldenbrand)
* Fixed connections for more hosts then two.
* Rewrite of the read/write IO systems to handle different sorts of host
* Added man pages for all functions and tools
* Raised buffer size for readinng/writing to 16K
* You can now optionally set the socket size for recv/send via
0.5 Tue Oct 9 00:22:25 PDT 2007
* Ruby maintainer mentioned TCP_NODELAY patch he had added. Added this to C
library as well. (Eric Hodel
* Added support script for set_benchmark
* Updated memslap to allow testing of TCP_NODELAY
* Updated memslap to support --flush (aka dump memcache servers before
* Fixed bug in multiple hosts not being activated
* Added environmental variable MEMCACHED_SERVERS which can be used to
set the servers list.
* fixed memcached_stat method (and now memstat works)
* server connect now happens on demand.
* Help for all command line applications
0.4 Wed Oct 3 10:28:50 PDT 2007
* Added buffered IO to write calls for keys
* Added buffered IO for reads
* memstat was broken (bad if/else on connect)
* New non-blocking IO (not default yet). Mucho faster
* Refactor of test system.
* memslap crash solved
0.3 Mon Oct 1 06:37:52 PDT 2007
* Jeff Fisher <> provided a spec file
* Added "make rpm" around dist file
* Added support for Solaris
* Added support for DTrace
* Fixed read to be recv and write to be send
* Bug fix where memstat would core if no server was found
* Added memslap tool (load generator)
* Numerous bug fixes in library
* Added calls to library for creating host lists (see
text cases to understand how to use this).
0.2 Thu Sep 27 03:46:57 PDT 2007
* First public version