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Restore original socket options after reading PROXY line

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commit b2e7ba3efa98029f9262ae0d2dfbdf8025995a22 1 parent fef5170
Richard Jones authored
Showing with 8 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +8 −0 src/misultin_acceptor.erl
8 src/misultin_acceptor.erl
@@ -231,7 +231,15 @@ get_peer_addr_port(Sock, SocketMode, CustomOpts) ->
% receive the first line, and extract peer address details as per
-spec peername_from_proxy_line(Sock::socket(), SocketMode::socketmode()) -> {ok, {PeerAddr::inet:ip_address(), PeerPort::non_neg_integer()}} | {error, term()}.
peername_from_proxy_line(Sock, SocketMode) ->
+ %% Temporary socket options for reading PROXY line:
misultin_socket:setopts(Sock, [{active, once}, {packet, line}, list], SocketMode),
+ Val = parse_peername_from_proxy_line(Sock),
+ %% Set socket options back to previous values, set in misultin.erl
+ misultin_socket:setopts(Sock, [{active, false}, {packet, raw}, binary], SocketMode),
+ Val.
+-spec parse_peername_from_proxy_line(Sock::socket()) -> {ok, {PeerAddr::inet:ip_address(), PeerPort::non_neg_integer()}} | {error, term()}.
+parse_peername_from_proxy_line(Sock) ->
{TcpOrSsl, Sock, "PROXY " ++ ProxyLine} when TcpOrSsl =:= tcp; TcpOrSsl =:= ssl ->
case string:tokens(ProxyLine, "\r\n ") of
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