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-export([start_link/1, register_connection/3, send_query_response/3,
connect/2, connect/3, peers/0, bytes/0, broadcast/1, broadcast/2, broadcast/3,
seen_qid/1, disconnect/1, sanitize_msg/1,
register_transfer/2, consume_transfer/1
%% gen_server callbacks
-export([init/1, handle_call/3, handle_cast/2, handle_info/2, terminate/2, code_change/3]).
-record(state, {listener, conns, seenqids, piddb, namedb}).
start_link(Port) -> gen_server:start({local, ?MODULE}, ?MODULE, [Port], []).
register_connection(Pid, Name, Sharing) -> gen_server:call(?MODULE, {register_connection, Pid, Name, Sharing}).
send_query_response(Ans, Qid, Name) -> gen_server:cast(?MODULE, {send_query_response, Ans, Qid, Name}).
% default is to NOT share content with people you connect to
connect(Ip, Port) -> connect(Ip, Port, ?CONFVAL({playdartcp, share}, false)).
connect(Ip, Port, Share) -> gen_server:call(?MODULE, {connect, Ip, Port, Share}).
disconnect(Name) -> gen_server:call(?MODULE, {disconnect, Name}).
peers() -> gen_server:call(?MODULE, peers).
bytes() -> gen_server:call(?MODULE, bytes).
broadcast(M) when is_tuple(M) -> broadcast(M, undefined).
broadcast(M, Except) when is_tuple(M) -> broadcast(M, Except, false).
broadcast(M, Except, SharersOnly) when is_tuple(M) -> gen_server:cast(?MODULE, {broadcast, M, Except, SharersOnly}).
seen_qid(Qid) -> gen_server:cast(?MODULE, {seen_qid, Qid}).
register_transfer(Key, Pid) -> gen_server:cast(?MODULE, {register_transfer, Key, Pid}).
consume_transfer(Key) -> gen_server:call(?MODULE, {consume_transfer, Key}).
%% ====================================================================
%% Server functions
%% ====================================================================
init([Port]) ->
process_flag(trap_exit, true),
Pid = case ?CONFVAL({playdartcp, listen}, true) of
true -> listener_impl:start_link(Port);
false -> undefined
% setup regular msgs to aggregate/calculate bandwidth usage:
timer:send_interval(1000, self(), calculate_bandwidth_secs),
%timer:send_interval(60000, self(), calculate_bandwidth_mins),
%timer:send_interval(3600000, self(), calculate_bandwidth_hrs),
{ok, #state{ listener=Pid,
handle_call({disconnect, Name}, _From, State) ->
case ets:lookup(State#state.namedb, Name) of
[{_,Pid}] ->
erlang:exit(Pid, disconnect_request),
{reply, ok, State};
[] ->
{reply, noname, State}
handle_call({connect, Ip, Port, Share}, _From, State) ->
case gen_tcp:connect(Ip, Port, ?TCP_OPTS, 10000) of
{ok, Sock} ->
ok = gen_tcp:send(Sock, ?T2B({conntype,control})),
{ok, Pid} = playdartcp_conn:start(Sock, out, Share),
gen_tcp:controlling_process(Sock, Pid),
?LOG(info, "New outbound connection to ~p:~p pid:~p, sharing:~w", [Ip, Port,Pid,Share]),
{reply, {ok, Pid}, State};
{error, Reason} ->
?LOG(warn, "Failed to connect to ~p:~p Reason: ~p", [Ip,Port,Reason]),
{reply, {error, Reason}, State}
handle_call(peers, _From, State) ->
Db = [ {Name, Pid, Sharing} || {Pid, Name, _BWStats, Sharing} <- ets:tab2list(State#state.piddb)],
{reply, Db, State};
handle_call(bytes, _From, State) ->
{reply, ets:tab2list(State#state.piddb), State};
handle_call({consume_transfer, Key}, _From, State) -> {reply, erlang:erase(Key), State};
handle_call({register_connection, Pid, Name, Sharing = {WeShare, TheyShare}}, _From, State) ->
% TODO we should probably kick the old conn with this name
% so ppl can reconnect if their old conn lags out
case ets:lookup(State#state.namedb, Name) of
[] ->
?LOG(info, "registered+authed new connection to ~s. WeShare:~w TheyShare:~w",
[Name, WeShare, TheyShare]),
N = now(),
BwStats = {{N,[]}, {N,[]}, {N,[]}},
ets:insert(State#state.piddb, {Pid, Name, BwStats, Sharing}), % Bwstats = ecs, mins, hrs
ets:insert(State#state.namedb, {Name, Pid}),
{reply, ok, State};
_ ->
{reply, disconnect, State}
handle_cast({register_transfer, Key, Pid}, State) ->
erlang:put(Key, Pid),
{noreply, State};
handle_cast({seen_qid, Qid}, State) ->
% TODO may want to use a bloom filter instead of ets here:
ets:insert(State#state.seenqids, {Qid, true}),
{noreply, State};
handle_cast({broadcast, M, Except, SharersOnly}, State) ->
PeerList = ets:tab2list(State#state.piddb),
lists:foreach(fun({Pid, _Name, _Bw, {_WeShare, TheyShare}})->
Pid == Except -> noop;
SharersOnly == true, TheyShare == false -> noop;
true ->
playdartcp_conn:send_msg(Pid, M)
end, PeerList),
{noreply, State};
handle_cast({send_query_response, {struct, Parts}, Qid, Name}, State) ->
case ets:lookup(State#state.namedb, Name) of
[{_,Pid}] when is_pid(Pid)->
Msg = {result, Qid, sanitize_msg({struct, Parts})},
playdartcp_conn:send_msg(Pid, Msg),
{noreply, State};
[] ->
{noreply, State}
handle_cast({resolve, #qry{ obj = Q, qid = Qid }}, State) ->
{struct, Parts} = Q,
% Ignore if we've dealt with this qid already
case ets:lookup(State#state.seenqids, Qid) of
[{_,true}] ->
{noreply, State};
_ ->
?LOG(info, "playdartcp dispatching query", []),
ets:insert(State#state.seenqids, {Qid,true}),
Msg = {rq, Qid, {struct, Parts }},
% only send to all peers who are sharing content with us:
playdartcp_router:broadcast(Msg, undefined, true),
{noreply, State}
%% --------------------------------------------------------------------
%% Function: handle_info/2
%% Description: Handling all non call/cast messages
%% Returns: {noreply, State} |
%% {noreply, State, Timeout} |
%% {stop, Reason, State} (terminate/2 is called)
%% --------------------------------------------------------------------
handle_info(calculate_bandwidth_secs, State) ->
%% Now = now(),
%% Pids = [P||{_N,P}<-State#state.conns],
%% lists:foreach(
%% fun(Pid)->
%% [{_, {SecT,SecUp,SecDown,SecL}, Mins, Hrs}] = ets:lookup(State#state.bwdb, Pid),
%% [{_,Up, Down}] = ets:lookup(State#state.bytesdb, Pid),
%% TimeDiff = timer:now_diff(Now, SecT),
%% UpDiff = Up-SecUp,
%% DownDiff = Down-SecDown,
%% CSecUp = round((UpDiff * 1000000)/TimeDiff),
%% CSecDown= round((DownDiff * 1000000)/TimeDiff),
%% NewSecL = lists:sublist([{CSecUp,CSecDown}|SecL],60),
%% ets:insert(State#state.bwdb, {Pid, {Now, Up, Down, NewSecL}, Mins, Hrs})
%% end, Pids),
{noreply, State};
handle_info({'EXIT', Pid, _Reason}, State) ->
case ets:lookup(State#state.piddb, Pid) of
[{_, Name, _Bw, _Sharing}] ->
?LOG(info, "Removing user from registered cons: ~p", [Name]),
ets:delete(State#state.namedb, Name),
ets:delete(State#state.piddb, Pid),
{noreply, State}
%% --------------------------------------------------------------------
%% Function: terminate/2
%% Description: Shutdown the server
%% Returns: any (ignored by gen_server)
%% --------------------------------------------------------------------
terminate(_Reason, _State) ->
%% --------------------------------------------------------------------
%% Func: code_change/3
%% Purpose: Convert process state when code is changed
%% Returns: {ok, NewState}
%% --------------------------------------------------------------------
code_change(_OldVsn, State, _Extra) ->
{ok, State}.
%% --------------------------------------------------------------------
%%% Internal functions
%% --------------------------------------------------------------------
% strips the internal "url" property, and replaces the source name if desired:
sanitize_msg({struct, Parts}) ->
Name = ?CONFVAL(name, ""),
case ?CONFVAL({playdartcp, rewrite_identity}, false) of
true -> % reset the source var regardless
{struct, [ {<<"source">>, list_to_binary(Name)} |
proplists:delete(<<"source">>,Parts)) ]};
_ -> % leave it intact if it exists
case proplists:get_value(<<"source">>, Parts) of
undefined ->
{struct, [{<<"source">>, list_to_binary(Name)} |
_ ->
{struct, proplists:delete(<<"url">>,Parts)}
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