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%%% Playdar configuration file.
%%% This configuration file contains Erlang terms.
%%% In case you want to understand the syntax, here are the concepts:
%%% - The character to comment a line is %
%%% - Each term ends in a dot, for example:
%%% override_global.
%%% - A tuple has a fixed definition, its elements are
%%% enclosed in {}, and separated with commas:
%%% {loglevel, 4}.
%%% - A list can have as many elements as you want,
%%% and is enclosed in [], for example:
%%% [http_poll, web_admin, tls]
%%% - A keyword (aka Erlang atom) is a word in lowercase.
%%% - Strings are enclosed in "" and can have spaces, dots, etc.
%%% {language, "en"}.
%%% {name, "Joe"}.
%%% - This term includes a tuple, a keyword, a list and two strings:
%%% {dirs, ["/home/joe/music", "/mnt/music"]}.
%% Set a name, to be used on the LAN/etc:
%%{name, "Commander mxcl"}.
%% List of scripts to be started (resolver scripts)
%% You need quotes. You need a trailing comma, EXCEPT the last one in the list!
%% Settings for the Playdar webserver.
%% If you don't listen on your LAN interface then you won't be able to serve
%% files to others on your LAN using the lan resolver.
%% Playdar ignores any HTTP requests that don't originate from localhost, except
%% for requests to stream valid files (typically ones resolved by lan resolver).
%% "" means listen on all interfaces, and is recommended.
{port, 60210},
{max, 100},
{ip, ""},
{docroot, "priv/www"}
%% Set to true to serve up docroot/crossdomain.xml (defaults to true)
{crossdomain, true}.
%% List of module DIRECTORY NAMES that should not be loaded automatically:
{modules_blacklist, [
%% Set to true for log output listing query results with scoring information
{explain, false}.
%% Put library/scanner database files in current directory (default)
{{library, dbdir}, "."}.
%% Put auth database file in current directory (default)
{authdbdir, "."}.