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remove -e from echo, which fails on linux

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1 parent f7f67b3 commit f43fdbba962231bd310a81891f3d4ded586aad7a @RJ committed Dec 21, 2009
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@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ ebin/ src/
ESCRIPT="\nmain(_)\n"'-> io:format("default_config()->~p.~n",[file:consult("etc/playdar.conf.example")]),halt(0).'
- echo -e $(ESCRIPT) > $@
+ echo $(ESCRIPT) > $@
src/playdar_config.erl: include/default_config.hrl
include/default_config.hrl: .default_config.hrl.escript
escript $< > $@

6 comments on commit f43fdbb

mxcl commented on f43fdbb Dec 30, 2009

Stever was insisting -e was required on Linux, so I don't understand anything now.

mxcl commented on f43fdbb Dec 30, 2009

It seems that bash 4 requires -e. However if this is true then previous versions of Bash break with -e.

This seems unlikely, the Bash guys are pretty keen on not breaking scripts.

I'm looking into a better solution here as I feel responsible.

mim commented on f43fdbb Jan 21, 2010

This just failed for me on linux. It works with the -e under bash 4.0.33(1) and bash 3.2.33(1) and fails without the -e on both.

mxcl commented on f43fdbb Jan 22, 2010

The fix is to use printf rather than echo. I think I pushed it.

mxcl commented on f43fdbb Jan 22, 2010

Yeah I pushed it. RJ please pull my master branch. Thanks. Or at least cherry-pick the fix.

mim commented on f43fdbb Jan 23, 2010

Cool, thanks. It's working with printf.

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