compiler error on arm #32

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i'm trying to build playdar on a nas system (icybox nas-4220-b), an arm based linux with packages from optware (

erlang, make & taglib are installed, i pasted the --version output below:
erl --version
Erlang R14B01 (erts-5.8.2) [source] [rq:1] [async-threads:0] [kernel-poll:false]
make --version
GNU Make 3.82
Built for arm-unknown-linux-gnu
taglib-config --version

compiling playdar i get the following output:

erlc -pa ebin +debug_info -W -I include -o ebin deps/mochiweb/src/mochiweb_multipart.erl
erlc -o deps/erlydtl/src/erlydtl deps/erlydtl/src/erlydtl/erlydtl_parser.yrl
Compiler function yecc:compile/3 failed:
make: *** [deps/erlydtl/src/erlydtl/erlydtl_parser.erl] Error 1

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