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Updated instructions for building from source.

Updated download page in general.

Signed-off-by: Richard Jones <>
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ Installation
This covers building from source specifically on Debian Linux.
Should be easy on other Linuxes too.
Playdar also builds on Windows, using visual studio express.
-Playdar also builds on Mac OS X (intel) using gcc + stuff from ports.
+Playdar also builds on Mac OS X (intel) using gcc + stuff from macports.
Linux Dependencies
@@ -16,8 +16,6 @@
along with this program. If not, see <>.
-//TODO the daemon needs be named the same as cmake builds it, or conflicts with
-// source users occur, xcode hates you for this though
//TODO watch exit code of playdard (if early exits), and watch process while pref pane is open
// ^^ important in case playdard exits immediately due to crash or somesuch
@@ -26,8 +24,7 @@
//TODO memory leaks
//TODO log that stupid exception
//TODO sparkle updates
-// ^^ ensure if prefpane is updated, it restarts playdard
-//TODO start at login checkbox
+// ^^ ensure if prefpane is updated by sparkle, it restarts playdar
#import "main.h"
@@ -2,21 +2,54 @@
Playdar is under heavy development, so to keep up-to-date you're advised to build from source.
-Binary packages and installers are provided periodically, see below.
+Binary packages and installers are provided periodically.
+<h3>Building from source</h3>
+git clone <a href=''>git://</a>
+cd playdar/playdar-daemon
+cmake .
+<p>If you don't have git, or you don't have all of playdar's deps (check
+INSTALL.txt), read the following instructions as well:
+eg. Ubuntu:
+apt-get install
+ sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev \
+ cmake \
+ libtag1-dev \
+ liburiparser1 liburiparser-dev \
+ libossp-uuid-dev libossp-uuid15
+<p>You need <a href=''>MacPorts</a>:</p>
+ port selfupdate
+ port update installed
+ port install cmake boost ossp-uuid uriparser taglib git-core
-You can often get an updated binary package by asking what the latest is on <b>IRC</b> (freenode, #playdar). Check the /topic or ask in the channel for the latest build.
+If these seem old, visit the irc channel (Freenode, <a href='irc://'>#playdar</a>),
+and check the /topic or ask us if there is a newer one.
-<h3>Mac (Intel)</h3>
-<a href="playdar.prefPane.tar.bz2">playdar.prefPane.tar.bz2</a> (playdar bundle from Max, with prefpane)<br/>
+<h4>Mac (Intel)</h4>
+<a href="">playdar.prefPane.tar.bz2</a> (all-in-one System Preferences pane by <a href=''>mxcl</a>, <a href="">old builds</a>)<br/>
<s><a href=""></a></s><br/>
<s><a href=""></a> (works, honest!)<br/></s>
<s><a href=""></a></s>
-Building from source is fairly painless, see INSTALL.txt
<a href="PlaydarInstallWin-1.exe">Playdar Installer</a> (NSIS installer by <a href="">lozzd</a>)<br/>
NB: windows installer comes with the normal daemon, and a wrapper app:
@@ -29,5 +62,6 @@
If you don't need to use the wrapper, the installer puts the playdar daemon in the install directory too.

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