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Playlick lets you create and share playlists with your friends.

There's a UI for creating, importing, and editing playlists and an accompanying JS library for modelling playlists.

Hooks into Playdar for content resolution.

Persists in a CouchDB database.


  • Error handling for streaming

  • Tag playlist import from

  • XSPF export

  • iTunes import

  • Applescript export for iTunes

  • Setup CouchDB on

  • Hosted playdar streaming

  • Sessions/URLs

  • Stream tokens


  • First visit gives you an anon session that you can later activate with an email address and name
  • Anon session lets you stream other's playlists and create/import and manage playlists in browser. "Activate to save and share these playlists"
  • If you want to make your playlists streamable, you need a verified session, and a playdar daemon with a direct connection to the server.
  • To make your playlist streamable by others, you create an obscured stream token for the playlist, signed with your session. You can then send around a link with this token, and once another user's session has been verified, they can stream direct from you via the tunnel on the server.
  • Each session that begins a stream increments a counter, once a limit has been reached, the stream token expires. Maybe you can create more stream tokens for a playlist later.
  • If another user has playdar, they can attempt to connect to you directly and resolve content elsewhere. Again, there is a limit to the number of people you can connect with. Maybe only allow local library resolution?