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<!--#set var="title" value="Playdar - Downloads" --><!--#include virtual="/inc/header.html" -->
-Playdar is under heavy development, so to keep up-to-date you're advised to build from source.
-Binary packages and installers are provided periodically.
+Playdar is under active development, but we do have some binaries available.
+If you are able to compile from source, this is recommended.
-<h3>Building from source</h3>
-git clone <a href=''>git://</a>
-cd playdar
-less INSTALL.txt
-cd build
-cmake ..
-<p>If you don't have git, or you don't have all of playdar's deps (check
-INSTALL.txt), read the following instructions as well:
-eg. Ubuntu:
-apt-get install \
- sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev \
- cmake \
- libtag1-dev \
- liburiparser1 liburiparser-dev \
- libossp-uuid-dev libossp-uuid15
-Pay special attention to installing uriparser from source, as per INSTALL.txt.
+<h3>Binaries / Installers</h3>
-<p>You need <a href=''>MacPorts</a>:</p>
- port selfupdate
- port update installed
- port install cmake boost ossp-uuid uriparser taglib git-core
+<h4>Mac (Intel)</h4>
+<a href=""></a><br/> </br/>
+<s><a href=""></a> (all-in-one System Preferences pane by <a href=''>mxcl</a>, <a href="">old builds</a>)</s><br/>
-Older version of OS X? Try the <a href="">Compiling Playdar on OS X 10.4</a> guide.
+<s><a href=""></a></s><br/>
+<s><a href=""></a> (works, honest!)<br/></s>
+<s><a href=""></a></s>
-We've been building on Windows with Visual Studio 8. Other versions will probably work too.
-You'll need to find the deps yourself (suggest getting boost from
-A project file is in the repo.
-Ask in our IRC channel if you need help.
+<a href="/download/"></a><br/>
-<h4>Running Playdar</h4>
-Check the INSTALL.txt, make sure you run from the daemon dir so ./plugins and ./www exist. Create the database the first time by doing <strong>"sqlite3 ./collection.db &lt; etc/schema.sql"</strong>
+No packages yet. INSTALL.txt has detailed instructions for ubuntu 9.04, building from source isn't hard.
+<h3>Building from source</h3>
-These <i>will</i> be outdated. Visit the irc channel (Freenode, <a href='irc://'>#playdar</a>), and check the /topic or ask if there is a newer one. Another option is to check the mailing list or mailing list archives.
+Get the source from github: <a href=''>git://</a>.
-<h4>Mac (Intel)</h4>
-<a href=""></a> (all-in-one System Preferences pane by <a href=''>mxcl</a>, <a href="">old builds</a>)<br/>
-<s><a href=""></a></s><br/>
-<s><a href=""></a> (works, honest!)<br/></s>
-<s><a href=""></a></s>
-<a href="">Playdar Installer</a> (NSIS installer by <a href="">lozzd</a>)<br/>
+<p><b>Protip:</b> read the <a href="" target="asd">INSTALL.txt</a> file.</p>
-NB: windows installer comes with the normal daemon, and a wrapper app:
-<li>Wraps playdar.exe and scanner.exe completely, and shows log output. </li>
-<li>Minimises to tray</li>
-<li>Colour coding of important events in log</li>
-<li>Provides Balloon notifications for events</li>
-If you don't need to use the wrapper, the installer puts the playdar daemon in the install directory too.
+Older version of OS X? Try the <a href="">Compiling Playdar on OS X 10.4</a> guide.
+Visit the irc channel (Freenode, <a href='irc://'>#playdar</a>) or mailinglist and say hi..

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