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Simple RAM testing application.
C Shell
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Simple command line RAM testing application.


This application:

  • Allocates a block of memory (the test array). The default size of the test array is 1 GiB, but this is user configurable using the '-s X' command line option.

  • Writes a pseudo random sequence of numbers into the test array.

  • Reads the data back from the test array checking that it matches the pseudo random number sequence.

  • Reports how many errors have been detected and the speed at which the writes and reads of the test array occured.

  • Repeats the writes and reads of the test array with different pseudo random number sequences until terminated with 'Ctrl C'.

Typical output

Execution of the application typically looks like this:


Test array allocated, size: 1.0 GiB
Executing test...

[ Cycles: 66  Errors: 0 ]  [ W: 9.02 GiB/s  R: 9.25 GiB/s ] 


Known to be compatible with:

  • Ubuntu Linux 19.04 Disco Dingo
  • macOS Mojave 10.14

Should be compatible with many other Linux distributions/versions and UNIX based operating systems such as BSD, AIX etc.


git clone


cd RamThrash


To run with the default 1 GiB test array size:


To run with a user specified test array size of 12 GiB:

./RamThrash -s 12

Command line options

-i : Inject errors - Inject two errors into the test array on each pass to check algorithm is functioning correctly.

-s X : Set test array size (GiB) - Sets the test array size to X, where X is an integer specifying the array size in GiB.

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