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Games to procrastinate with RStudio
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The goal of Rcade is to provide access to games in order to waste some times in RStudio. You can play 2048, Tetris, Mario, Pacman, Spider Solitaire and others.


This package will never be released on CRAN.
You can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


List available games


Play a game

The first time you launch a game, you will be asked for installation.
Playing a game is quite easy. Here are some examples:



I always read the Motivation section first. Packages should always have a Motivation section in their README files.

So, what is the motivation behind this useless package?
My first motivation was to test the RStudio viewer and I had this stupid idea to try some HTML5 games. Why? I don't know.
Some folks loved the idea of playing in RStudio. So, I took some times to develop this package. That's all.

How to contribute

Try a new game

There are hundreds of HTML5 games on GitHub. You can try a new game with the non exported R6 constructor Rcade:::HTML5Game.

Here's an example with the following repo:

Pond <- Rcade:::HTML5Game$new(name = "pond", 
                              github = "Zolmeister/pond", 
                              need_servr = FALSE, 
                              path = "index.html")

Therefore, you can try to launch the game with:


If you get some troubles with a game, you may try with a HTTP server:


Do a pull request

Games metadata are stored in games.yml file (under inst/games directory). You only have to add extra games to this file. Here's an example.


This package includes some non exported functions of the webshot package.
webshot package author: Winston Chang
webshot package contributors: Yihui Xie, Francois Guillem, Barret Schloerke
License: GPL-2

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